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October 2001

Here follows the list of the new or updated stuff on my site. I try to keep this page up to date and write here every update on My Suzuki Pages that might interest you.

October 03: Now I have some pictures of my old Suzuki GSX750, too. I have now uploaded a page with Photos of my Suzuki GSX750 and other bikes, summer 2001

October 04: I'm quite pleased with my bike, but there's till a couple of things I'd like to improve on my GSX1400. Check out my new improvements & modifications page. I've also changed the design on number of pages and put a couple of more pictures on the GSX1400 page. I've changed the guestbook link as well.

October 08: I added a page with a picture of the luggage fastening hooks and something about mounting hard bags on GSX1400. The page is called Carrying luggage with Suzuki GSX1400

October 09: Somebody claimed that GSX1400 drinks a lot of fule - as much as over 10l/ 100km (23,5 mpg)! That's not true. I added a fuel consumption page with correct figures, in US and metric standard. I also added a page with a review of my Schuberth Concept helmet.

October 10: I refreshed the looks of the whole site setting new frames on different pages. Hopefully the site has been easier to navigate. New navigate buttons. I also split some articles, made more pages and for example I put these updates on a separate page. Not any new stuff, really.

October 11: I have added my site to three different Top 100 Motorcycle Site lists trying to promote my site and get more visitors. Please visit my Vote For My Site page and cast your vote! I added the page (and the button on the menu) today.

October 12: I have created a couple of redirect URLs for this site. I think the nicest one of them is mysuzuki.home-page.org. What do you think? You can find the other ones as well on the Welcome page.

October 13: I found a couple of more pictures of GSX1400. I put them on the Official pictures page. I also added a GSX1400 picture on the Welcome page.

October 14: Suzuki T500 is one of the first motorcycles I have been acquainted with. I stumbled on some brochures and a road test of the model and put them here on my site. Take a look at my new Suzuki T500 page! I also created a GSX1400 brochures & adverts page.

October 15: There's now two new pages on the Photo Gallery section: Other Suzuki and Other bikes. Please send me a photo and some comments of your bike and help me fill the pages with pictures of great bikes!

October 16: My GSX1400 failed to start today. The electric starter was working OK but the engine just wouldn't start. I noticed that the red FI indicator was flashing and the letters FI were also showing on the display, showing signs of trouble in the fuel injection system. I felt that I have to make a new page to my site: Problems & Troubleshooting. I'm not happy about it.

October 19: Ever crashed your bike? A guy from UK, Mark Hodson, has propably crashed a few more times than you. Mark gave me kindly his permission to publish his story on My Suzuki Pages. Read it here! There's more stories to come from different authors.

October 22: A picture of next year's GSX1400 with slightly new design released! Naturally I uploaded the picture here. Thanks to David at www.gsx1400.org for spreading the news!
There's also some new pictures on the Pictures of visitors' Suzuki page.

October 23: What countries import GSX1400? I added a GSX1400 rumours page with some unconfirmed info concerning GSX1400 launch in Canada and USA. There's also a list of countries and recommended prices for each country. Please check out the list and feed me with more information...

October 25: Wanna use a GSX1400 picture as a background image on your computer? Maybe you'd like to use the German GSX1400 advert (Grisse) that can now be found on GSX1400 brochures & adverts page? Format: 1024x768 pixels.

October 27: I have started building a page of all the GSX1400 aftermarket exhaust systems available. For now there's only a handful of models on the page and no riders' comments yet, but there will be more. Especially if you send me your pictures and comments for publishing... I also decided to use a new guestbook, the old one(s) didn't always work.

October 30: Aftermarket pipes and cans for GSX1400. Babyface and Sato Racing, K-Factory, Yoshimura.

Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favourite model is not on my site. In many cases they haven't even bothered to look properly or used the search engine. But there are still many models missing. I'm doing my best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. This is not my profession; I'm doing this in my spare time. I could use some help to be able to get more things done. Please send me pictures, brochures and specs or complete model histories... Anything at all that can make the site more complete. Here's more info.

One more thing: PLEASE visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages before sending me questions about your bikes, manuals etc. I would love to help you all but I haven't got enough time to do it anymore. You may find an answer to your question on the FAQ pages, check it out! Frequently Asked Questions

Jarmo Haapamäki

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