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Suzuki GSX1400 improvements & modifications

Although Suzuki GSX1400 K2 is a wonderful bike, there's still details I'd like to change. I plan to keep this page up to date and fill it with more details if/when I find details to criticize.

Too much? I found this funny picture at www.gafm.com.

I wanted a wind shield to protect me from the enormous air pressure that wanted to push me off the seat at heavy acceleration. The shield I mounted was a cheap Slip Streamer Spitfire, originally designed for Custom style bikes. See a separate page for details.

I mounted a wind shield.

Suzuki has a model for GSX1400, you can see it on the Paris Motorcycle Show page. It's not that cheap and it's much smaller. In Sweden the price is about 1500 SEK (about 160 EURO).

The top fairing designed for the GSX500E can be mounted to the GSX1400 if you are handy. See a separate page for details.

I want to travel in Europe or somewhere else with my GSX1400 next summer. I plan to buy hard bags to carry stuff with me. I know Hepco & Becker and Givi makes racks and bags that fit the bike. I haven't decided yet what to buy (they are quite expensive, too). See a separate page for details.

I want hard bags.

Suzuki has not made any bags or racks that fit the bike. Not yet anyway. At least Hepco & Becker and Givi have such accessories. See a separate page for details.

Jarmo Haapamäki, January 31th 2002

To be continued...

The meters on the GSX1400 are nice. They tell you how fast you are going, how fast the engine is running and the usual stuff. There's two digital trip meters and an odometer, a digital clock and led indicators for turn signals, oil pressure, high beam and neutral gear There's although one thing I wish the engineers at Suzuki had added to the list:

I want a top gear-indicator.

It's hard to tell if you're already riding on the sixth gear - the engine is so strong. In fact, it doesn't matter that much which gear you're riding with, the acceleration is always enormous. I find it irritating to be forced to look at both the speedo and the rpm meter and compare them with each other to find out if it's the highest gear already. The alternative is to try to change another gear. If it doesn't work, then it's the sixth. That is even more annoying.
I'm not sure if it is an easy task to put in a gear-indicator. There have been Suzuki models in the past that have had indicators on every gear. In fact, my -81 GSX750 have had such a device before a previous owner threw it away.
I will find out if it's possible to mount one and tell you later how it went.

There's a large utility space under the seat - it's maximized to 10,8 liters. That's good. But you have to take the seat off to get access to the area. I think it could be easier. First of all, I want to able to take the seat off with one hand - and I want to do it without using the key. In other words:

I want an improved saddle lock system.

Many times when I wanted to take off the saddle to get access to the under-seat utility space I have had something in my other hand. But I need both hands to be able to take the seat off. When I turn the key I have to pull the saddle up - simultaneously. I can't lay the things in my hand to the saddle - I'm just going to take it off. I have to lay the things on the ground instead.
That's stupid. Happily it's easy to fix! In fact, I did that just a moment ago. I found a coil spring lying around, about half an inch wide and about 3/4 inch long. I put it around the black plastic plug on the middle of on the metal plate inside the utility space. Now, when I turn the key, the coil spring forces the saddle upwards just enough to release the lock. That was easy!

I also plan to install hard cases on my bike (there's not many models to choose from - I don't know if anyone else than Hepco & Becker have designed racks for GSX1400 yet). As a result of mounting side bags the lock will not be easy to access anymore - the left side bag will conceal it. It shouldn't be that difficult to mount a small electric motor behind the left side plastic cover beside the lock cylinder that opens the lock with a push of a button. There is no need to say the electric lock device should only function when the ignition's on.
I'd guess I will find a suitable electric lock device from a automobile junk yard.

Images: The utility space under the seat, the closing mechanism with a coil spring to push the seat upwards when turning the key. Click at the spring coil picture to view it in a larger format.

Jarmo Haapamäki, October 14th 2001

Update March 28th 2002: Even Italian Givi have racks and other accessories for GSX1400 now. See a separate page for details.

To be continued...

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