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Aftermarket pipes and cans

The original exhaust system is quiet (too quiet for many bikers), it's heavy and it steals some of the theoretical top effect of your engine. Luckily there's many manufactures out there with more open exhaust systems for GSX1400.

I created a poll on November 9th 2001 with questions about the GSX1400 exhaust system. The results were as follows:

On January 11th 2002 26 visitors had voted and as you see, most of the voters want more power and more noise. The poll is now closed.

If you're happy with your current exhaust system there is no need to change it. A power-increasing system costs a lot of money and makes more noise. Perhaps you can't cruise in your neighborhood at night without waking up your neighbors (or your wife) anymore...

More power means even more rapid wear on your tires, engine, chain, sprockets and so on. But if you want more power and more masculine sound for your bike it's time to start looking for a more open exhaust system.

How to choose a system? The 4-1 system gives probably more power but it changes the looks of the bike. A 4-2 system is closer to the original system and new slip-ons on both sides is the less costly variant.

I have gathered some brands and models here so you can get a glance of what's available out there. I can't imagine that I have found them all. Please send me a note if you know of any other brands or models! Remember also that even if the author of the comments (if there are any) loves his system, it's not certain that you will. Personally I give a damn if you choose to buy anything at all.

I am not selling the items, this site is here only to help you fellows!

Jarmo Haapamäki

Exhaust systems for GSX1400

The list beneath is far from complete, there's more brands and models available than these. Click on the thumbnails for larger images and (where's available) riders' comments and/or more info.



available at cmsnl.com - parts for a better ride

Babyface ”Ideal” Slip-On 4-2
Japanese titanium zorsts, originally designed for the Japanese model with slightly less horsepower. Looks very beautiful, though.
Price: 145.000-149.000 JPN YEN
Effect gain: about 5 bhp
Review: Not available
More info: Yes

Babyface ”Ideal” System 4-2-1 full system
Japanese titanium zorsts, originally designed for the Japanese model with slightly less horsepower. Looks very beautiful, though.
Price: 195.000 JPN YEN
Effect gain: about 10 bhp
Review: Not available
More info
: Yes

Akrapovic 4-2-1 full system
Weight: 12-14 lbs
Power gain: up to 20 bhp
Price: full system £600 fitted (UK)
slip-ons: Titanium or Carbon oval £750 pair
Review: Yes

Laser Hotcam 4-2-1 full system
For the moment only an advertisement available.
Weight loss: 15,4 kg
Price: TBA
Effect gain: 14 bhp
More info: a couple of pictures
Review: Not yet

Sato Racing, 4-2-1 full system
Sato Racing is a U.S. headquarter for Babyface in Japan. Sato Racing cans and Babyface cans are the same thing.
Price: full t/t 1650 U.S. $
rainbowcanister 1700 U.S. $
Slip-on titanium 1250 U.S. $
Slip-on rainbow 1350 U.S. $
Effect gain: about 5-10 bhp
More info: Yes

Yoshimura 4-2-1 full system
Another Japanese system.
Price: Stainless round £475 rising to £800 pair. Cyclonen Titanium Real, price: ?
Where to buy? See www.netmove.co.jp/yoshimura/

More info: A couple of pictures

K-Factory 4-2-1 Up Type full system
Another Japanese system.
There's also slipons and standard type 4-2-1 systems.
Price: 150.000 - 215.000 JPN YEN
More info: Yes

Another Japanese system.
More info: Not yet

Another Japanese system.
Price: Carbon single 138,000 JPN YEN
Carbon Carbon twin 193,000 JPN YEN
More info: Not yet


Nojima Fasarm Pro-Titan
Constructed: 4-1
Bent: Hand
Head pipes: Conical42.7mm
End pipe: Titanium 60.5mm
Canister: Titanium 110mm Part Number: NMT402Z
(Unit price: 189,000 JPN YEN)
Canister: Carbon 110mm Part Number: NMT402T
(Unit price: 182,000 JPN YEN)

Nojima Fasarm S-Titan
Constructed: 4-1
Bent: Machine
Head pipes: STD 42.7mm
End pipe: Titanium 60.5mm
Canister: Titanium 110mm Part Number: NT402AL
(Unit price: 98,000 JPN YEN)
Canister: Carbon 110mm Part Number: NT402C
(Unit price: 98,000 JPN YEN)Nojima exhaust systems for GSX1400 are not released yet, will be available on the end of November 2001. Either pictures or data are available yet (according to Akira Hashimoto at PLOT Inc. Japan on October 27th).Mr. Hoshimoto provided some additional information on November 1st:
”Above mentioned exhaust systems allow to maintain the centre stand, provides clear access to oil filter and oil pan drain plug. Noise level emission approximately less than 94dB. Pictures will be available soon after update on the Nojima site. They are NOT available in Europe, no distributor there. But we take international mail order if you wish.”

: Stainless steel or plain anodised £325 pair.

: Alloy or Stainless £475 pair.
Titanium and fancy anodise (blue to silver) £650 pair.

: Stainless round £475 rising to £800 pair. Where? See www.netmove.co.jp/yoshimura/e/order/overseasorder.html

Here's a great site with info on GSX1400 aftermarket pipes and riders' comments:

More: Suzuki GSX1400

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