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Suzuki GSX1400 -
New color scheme
for 2003

Today (22 October 2001) released MCN Online a picture of next year's GSX1400. According to the article there's a new style for 2002, but there are no mechanical changes.

At a glance, the blue and white paint might look similar to the 2001 version, but there are several differences to give a slightly more modern appearance. The simple, striped tank of the current blue and white version is replaced with a more complex, zig-zagged design. There are also two single-colour options for 2002 - metallic silver or plain blue.
The Japanese version shown here has 98bhp compared to the UK model has 106bhp.

Is it as pretty as 2002 year's K2 model? Personally I'm glad I got my bike before Suzuki wanted to give it a ”modern” look. Click at the image to view it in a larger format.

And now it's official!

There's a picture of GSX1400 with the new painting on Suzuki's own (Japanese) site and they even showed the new colors on Tokyo Motor Show 26 October - 7 November 2001. Here's a picture (sorry it's also a small one):

New color: silver

I haven't found any information for new color scheme for the European models. The Suzuki Official Web Site in Japan made the new colors official in March 2002. There were only two colors available, pearl deep blue (L99) and sonic silver metallic (YD8). The specifications seem to be the same as before.


The question is: are these new colors only dedicated to the Japanese market?

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