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Fuel consumption on my Suzuki GSX1400

I wouldn't consider Suzuki GSX1400 as a extremely thirsty bike. Yes, I'd guess it drinks more fuel than a lighter modern-style bike with fairing and great aerodynamics. Still, a German journalist claimed that GSX1400 will always drink at least 10 l/ 100 km (about 23,5 mpg) but I claim that it is not true!

The fuel consumption on my GSX1400 varied at first between 6,5 and 8,5 liter/100 km (between 36,2 and 27,7 mpg), depending if I was cruising in 80—120 kph (about 40-65 mph) with no heavy accelerations — or if I was accelerating a lot and riding at 140—220 kph (70-115 mph). Now when the engine has been run in the milage has been even better. Once I tried to ride economically, 100 kph (62 mph) average and no heavy accelerations. The resultat was 5,2 liter/ 100 km! That's 45 mpg (USA) = 54 mpg (Imperial). Not bad for such a large bike, don't you think?

The only time the fuel consumption my bike was somewhere near 10 l/ 100 km was during my very first ride home from the bike dealer. ”That's normal. A brand new engine is quite thirsty. Later the mileage will be better”, the Suzuki service guy told me at the initial (600 mile/ 1.000 km) service.

The image: the fuel tank of my Suzuki GSX1400. Click the image to see it in a larger format (photo: Jarmo Haapamäki).

US standard   EU standard
1 US mile
1,609 km (kilometers)
0,621 US miles
1 km
I US gallon
3,785 l (liters)
0,264 gallons
1 l (liter)
1 mpg (miles per gallon)
42,514 l/100 km
235,214 mpg
1 l/100 km
I'm not used to the US standards. I found these measurements on the Internet.
Notify even the Measurement Conversion link on the bottom on each page!

Here's another conversion table:
US/Imperial standard   EU standard
1 mph (miles per hour)
0,62 kph (kilometers per hour)
1 CV
0.735 kW (kilowatt, new standard)
0.986 hp (horsepower, old standard)
1 kg-m (kgm)
9,81 Nm (Newtonmeter)
2,2 lbs (pounds)
1 kg (kilogram)
1 mpg (USA)
2,353 km/liter
1 mpg (British) = 2,824 km/liter

Jarmo Haapamäki
October 9, 2001
Updated June 19, 2002

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