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Suzuki GSX1400 rumours

I will gather some GSX1400 related rumours here. Needless to say they are just rumours and not facts. Check out the original sources (click at the source title) and make your own opinion. Please mail me more rumours!

Suzuki GSX1400 at the Milano Motorcycle Show in September 2001.
Photo: www.totalbike.hu

Suzuki GSX1400 info and rumours, mostly from 2001:


Cyclesportshawaii.com: GSX1400 2002 will not be imported into USA
According to this source the GSX1400 will not be imported into the United States.  At least not this year. Because of the testing/certification necessary to sell a bike in the US, Suzuki has decided not to bring the bike in.

Maybe they are not importing the bike in 2001. Still, Sato Racing in USA is already (October 2001)selling aftermarket exhaust systems for GSX1400 (see aftermarket cans and pipes page). That indicates that it will be imported soon?


Suzuki Canada Inc: No plans to import GSX1400

The customer service at Suzuki Canada told Mr. Jason Dunn on Tue, 13 Nov 2001 that Suzuki has no plans to import this model into the Canadian marketplace at this time.

Autonet.ca:GSX1400 imported into Canada in January 2002
I know at least one guy in Canada who is waiting for Suzuki GSX1400 to be released there. Now, according to Autonet.ca GSX1400 will be one of the new models released in January 2002.

Cmgonline.com: We didn't get it! Maybe as a 2003 year's model...
Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online tells on his site about GSX1400 with an article title What we didn't get: ”Since the U.S. have opted not to bring this in, it would prove just too expensive for Canada to go it alone. However, they have not ruled it out as a 2003 model, and possibly as an early release in 2002.”

For me it's surprising that the North American market haven't decided yet to import GSX1400. Don't they know what they have been missing?


Suzuki Italy: GSX1400 is finally imported to Italy
Now there's finally a GSX1400 page on Suzuki Italy site and the model is on the price list updated in September 18th 2001. I don't know for sure what "nuovità 2002" means, if the bike is available next year or if it's only the model year. Anyway, perhaps Givi and other Italian manufactures of aftermarket products begin to make goodies for GSX1400 now after the decision of import to Italy.

Poland: I don't understand Polish, but after visiting a Polish bike site I got the impression that GSX1400 is available even there. The news were dated in August 2001.

Ireland: GSX1400 available since November 2001
Ronan Kelly sent me a mail (March 20, 2002), he tells that the GSX1400 has been available in Ireland since November 2001. ”If you could add a link to our site www.suzuki-ireland.com, I would appreciate it. There is a nice wall paper shot of the 1400 and some free Suzuki Ireland screen savers.” I'm glad to put the link to the site I find quite informative. Ronan made the website for Suzuki Ireland.

Denmark:GSX1400 available since April 2002

Niels Friis from Denmark mailed me and told that he bought a gray GSX1400K2 the 4th of April 2002. He says that he is most likely the first GSX1400 owner in Denmark. He paid 139,995 DKr for his bike, that's inclusive 25 % VAT and numberplate. The motorcycle prices in Denmark are sky high, about 50% higher than here in Sweden...

Norway: Price tag on a new GSX1400: 175,000 NKr

I asked a GSX1400 owner from Norway; Snorre Kristoferssen, about the new prices: He gave me the answer: 175,000 Nkr — 108,000 of the price contains of taxes for the state!!! Niels from Denmark thought he paid a lot... I'm glad we have a more human tax system for motorcycles in Sweden! I paid about half the price of my K2 in Sweden.


Suzuki South Africa: GSX1400 is coming in February 2002
With a slogan ”Ride the winds of change” Suzuki South Africa (with the Internet server apparently in Zaire...) announces that GSX1400 K2 is available there in February 2002. Fine page with lots of facts and large pictures (I borrowed them all to be viewed even here). No trace of the suggested new paint scheme for the next year's model on those pictures... See them here.

New colors

Check out
even the Next year's model (2003?) page to see the upcoming GSX1400 with whole new paint job! There's even a silver colored GSX1400 now.

Countries where GSX1400 is available

These countries I know have imported GSX1400 or plans to do it. Please tell me if there's countries or details missing or if there's something else that isn't what it should be! You can send me e-mail by clicking the "Webmaster" link at the end of this page or clicking the E-mail button on the left side frame.

Country Release date Suggested retail price
Japan March 2001 998.000 YEN (100 bhp model only)
United Kingdom June 2001 £ 6449
Germany 2001 18.900 DEM
France 2001 63.990 F T.T.C.
Sweden June 2001 94.900 SEK (2002: 102 900 SEK)
Norway June 2001 2002: 175.000 Nkr
Denmark April 2002 2002: 139,995 DKr
Belgium June 2001 389.000 BEF (21% BTW incl.)
New Zealand June 2001 ?
Australia July 2001 14.390 incl. GST plus ORC
USA not yet anyway -
Canada earliest 2002 TBA
Switzerland June 2001 Fr 18.950
Netherlands 2001 Fl 22.999
South Africa Feb 2002 TBA
Italy late 2001? 19.440.000 lire
Ireland November 2001 2002: 12,509 €
Finland 2002 2002: 18.500 €
Poland February 2002 2002: 10.200 €

Note: All the retail prices in the list are from 2001 if not mentioned otherwise.

The information about the release dates may vary from source to source. For example: according to Swedish ”Bike” magazine told in June 2001 that the GSX1400 was recently released in Japan and it should be available in Sweden some time in the autumn. Nevertheless an authorized Suzuki dealer in Sweden got and sold a GSX1400 already in June. And what about Japan? Was it launched there in March 2001? The model was approved in EEG already 22 March 2001 (2 April in Sweden). If you know the official date for your (or any other) country, please tell me!

Another thing: Snorre Kristoffersen from Norway (see his bike pictures on Visitors' Suzuki Pictures page ) wonders if he registered the very first GSX1400 in Europe. The date was 11 June 2001. Tell us if he was the first one!

Jarmo Haapamäki, the webmaster

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