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Carrying luggage with Suzuki GSX1400

Luggage fastening points. Although Suzuki GSX1400 K2 is not designed for carrying a lots of luggage there are three hooks on each side to fasten your luggage (move to pointer over the image to see the fastening points). If you don't purchase a tank bag, luggage rack or hard bags, the luggage should be fastened on the rear end of the seat. (Photo: Jarmo Haapamäki)

I have been corresponding with several rack and hard bag manufactures and only one of them replied that they have racks that fit GSX1400. The German Hepco & Becker has released a set of racks to the model and only a set of crash bars to cover the engine sides.

Here above is the picture Hepco & Becker mailed me of their luggage rack and side bag racks. If you want to see the picture of the luggage rack without the other racks, or the drawing of the crash bars - use the links here:

Hepco & Becker GSX 1400 luggage rack
Hepco & Becker side rack mounting sketch
Hepco & Becker GSX1400 crash bars

Italian Givi makes now accessories to GSX1400 as well. The following items are designed to fit GSX1400:
Monorack for one Topcase F 527
Tubular sidecase holder PL 527
Specific engine guard TN 394 (chromed)

German Krauser makes also cases to GSX1400. Here's some pictures of Krauser K5 cases mounted on a GSX1400.

99000-99BAG-140Canvas bags for GSX1400. According to the part number 99000-99BAG-140 it's Suzuki original bags. I don't know the price or availability. The picture is a detail from a Norwegian brochure. Click here for the whole brochure with several GSX1400 acessories with part numbers.

Fehling luggage rack

The picture above shows the Fehling luggage rack mounted on a Suzuki GSX1400, purchased at Touringbutiken, Sweden (998 SEK). Click on the image to see the whole bike.

Updated: September 18, 2002

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