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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!

'72 GT-750 GT 750 J

Here's more Suzuki GT750 info.
1972 Suzuki GT750

Owner: Allan Tucker, Barbados

Comments: ”I recently acquired a candy lavender GT750J with a cafe conversion and some other goodies on it. It has on a mix and matched set of parts but that's OK 'cause what's on it is better than the OEM items.

Notice the disc brake front wheel set up. It was not fitted to this model standard, but it has on a modern Nissin master cylinder with adjustable lever and Stainless lines.

It's also got on a Neutronics electronic ignition system and those expansion chambers that are ceramic coated to look like aluminum.

The cafe seat cowl and front fender as well as fairing are all made of fiberglass and painted to match the color.

The rear shocks are ride adjustable with air pressure.

Since I'll soon be shipping the bike into my country all I can say is that the previous owner was selling it mainly to put the money to other uses, so I went to see, ride and decide if I would buy it, which I did. It's in pretty good shape for its age but I know I can make it look better with some minor work.”
'70 T-125 T125-II Stinger T125-2

'71 T-125 T125R Stinger T 125 R

I asked Andre, the owner of Reproduction Decals, if he happened to have any good pictures of the '71 T125R. Better than that, he had the real thing!

1970 Suzuki T125 Stinger
1971 Suzuki T125 Stinger

Owner: Andre Okazaki, Canada

Comments: ”I own a '70 T125-II and a '71 T125R. I have attached pictures of both.

I completely restored the T125-II. I chose this color because it is rarely seen and because the yellow with black and white stripes is quite striking. My T125 also has the optional 'western style' handlebar that does not have a cross brace.

The T125R is original and unrestored. It was purchased about two months ago. I have only seen these graphics on this model and I am not aware of a Japanese version.

This model is from Canada and I know the USA had it as well. I don't think Europe had this model but I am not sure. There are some differences such as the fuel tank, longer seat and a longer rear fender. There are also some other small details that set it apart from the earlier models. I know mine is not perfect but it is all original and correct in every detail including tires.

I also have several other vintage Suzukis I can send for this page. My collection has grown.”

Here's more Suzuki T125 info.
'75 RM125S
'75 RM125S

Allan was kind enough to assist me with some RM125S info and sent me pictures of his former bike, when I couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet. many thanks, Allan!

Here's pictures of Allan's GSX1100E
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1975 Suzuki RM125S

Owner: Allan Tucker, Barbados

Comments: ”The bike was about seven years old already by this time when I bought it and then restored it. It had to be totally stripped down and gone over thoroughly and even the frame had been scraped and repainted.

To follow this updating trend, I even painted the swingarm silver to imitate an aluminum one and the brake and kick starter were in metallic gold to simulate the gold anodized parts that were being used by Suzuki on some models at the time.

It looks too clean to be raced here but the bike got used a lot and I was still able to keep it looking as in the photos at all times, even when I sold it.

After a complete rebuild of every part and repainting as necessary I think I had as close to possible a beautiful example of an S model for when these photos were taken around 1982-1983.”

Here's more Suzuki RM125 info.
'65 K-15 Suzuki K 15 Hillbilly

'68 T 500 T-500 Cobra

'69 AS 50 AS-50 Colt

΄71 F 50 F-50 Cutlass Suzy

'71 Trailhopper MT 50 MT-50 Suzuki

'80 JR 50 JR-50 Junior Suzuki cross
1965 Suzuki K15 Hillbilly
1968 Suzuki T500 Cobra
1969 Suzuki AS50 Colt
1971 Suzuki F50 Cutlass
1971 Suzuki MT50 Trailhopper
1980 Suzuki JR50

Owner: Andre Okazaki, Canada

Comments: ”I have attached more pictures of of Suzuki motorcycles in my collection. Here's my '68 T500 Cobra, '69 AS50 Colt, '65 K15 Hillbilly, my wife's '71 F50 Cutlass, my son's '80 JR50 and my '71 MT50 Trailhopper.

The F50 Cutlass seems to be quite uncommon. I have only seen one other like it. It has the same reed valve engine as the MT50 Trailhopper and has a centrifugal clutch as well.

My wife Ellen rides the F50 but finds it a little slow in traffic. Personally, I don't think it is a very good looking motorcycle but it is fun to ride.

My daughter Rachel learned to ride on this JR50 and moved up to a PW80. My three-year old son Jacob will be ready for the JR50 next summer when he is four and able to touch the ground when he sits on it.

I did not send a picture of my '68 TC250. I am still in the process of restoring it and it will not be complete for at least a few months. You already have pictures of my '70 AC50 and '66 K11P on your web site so I did not send pictures of them again.

I have about 40 vintage motorcycles in my collection. I have been collecting and restoring for over ten years and do not intend to add too many more to my collection. I am now concentrating on restoring.”

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Here's more Suzuki MT50 info.

Here's the pictures of Andre's AC50 and K11P. See even his T125 Stinger pictures on this page (above).

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Updated: August 28, 2006

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