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Suzuki GS1100E pictures

Pictures of Suzuki 1980 GS1100E, sent by Ron King, USA, with comments.
Do like Ron— send pictures and the story of your Suzuki to be published here! Send JPEG's and comments of your Suzuki. Here's more info.

Note: The 16-valve GS1100E was known outside USA/Canada as GSX1100E.
Here's a link to the GSX1100-series frameset.

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1980 Suzuki year code: T

GS1100ET '80

GS1100ET '80

GS1100ET '80

GS1100ET '80

GS1100ET '80

1980 GS1100ET (US model). The photos were sent by the owner, Ron King. ”Hello from San Diego, California, USA. I just came across your website. Very nice. I am sending you a couple of photos of my 19080 GS1100ET that I purchased new in 1980 from a Suzuki dealer here in San Diego that is owned by Bill Silverthorn, a Baja 1000 winner (on m/c).
The bike is in absolutely showroom new condition. Collector quality with only 9600 miles on the bike. I am thinking of finally selling the bike after these 23 years of ownership.”

This bike appears also on the Visitors' Suzuki section.

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