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Suzuki GSX1100E in numbers

I have put some GSX 1100 E specifications on this page. Please send me pictures, technical data and brochures of your favorite Suzuki model!

Suzuki 1980More Suzuki models from 1980
1980 Suzuki year code: T

Suzuki GS1100ET (the USA-model) test specs, appeared in Motorcyclist 11/1980.

The European GSX1100ET had a gallon larger fuel tank. Even the performance figures and some other specs like the dry mass may vary between countries.
Suggested retail price $3669
Warranty 12 months, unlimited mileage
Number of U.S. dealers 1450
Cost of shop manual None available
Type Four-stroke DOHC four
Displacement 1075cc
Bore x Stroke 72 x 66mm
Compression 9.5:1
Carburetion 4, 34mm Mikuni CV
Ignition Transistorized pointless
Lubrication Wet sump, trochoidal pump
Lighting output 230 watts
Battery 12V, 14AH
Primary transmission Spur gear, 1.775:1
Clutch 18 plates, wet
Final drive 3/4 x 3/8 (No. 630) D.I.D. endless chain, 42/15, 2.8:1
Fork 37mm Kayaba, 7.9 in. travel
Shocks Kayaba, 4.25 in. wheel travel
Front tire 3.50-19 Bridgestone Mag Mopus L303
Rear tire 4.50-17 Bridgestone Mag Mopus
Rake/trail 28'/4.06 in. (103mm)
Wheelbase 61.0 in. (1549mm)
Seat height 31.75 in. (806mm)
Ground clearance 6.0 in. (152mm)
Fuel capacity 5.0 gal. (19 liters)
Wet weight 560 lbs. (254kg)
GVWR 1030 lbs. (467kg)
Colors Silver, metallic red
Instruments Speedo, odometer, tach, fuel gauge, resettable trip meter, indicator lights for neutral, high beam, turn signals and low oil pressure. Check panel for, headlamp, battery, taillamp stop lamp and low brake fluid.
Power to weight ratio, unladen 6.5 lbs./hp
Fuel consumption 36 to 45 mpg, 41.9 mpg average
Average touring range 210 miles
Quarter-mile 11.34 sec. at 118.9 mph 3800
Speed in gears at (redline) (9000) lst 54 mph; 2nd 76 mph; 3rd 98 mph; 4th 120 mph; 5th 141 mph
Speedometer error 30 mph, actual 29; 60 mph, actual 58

Motorcyclist Read the whole test (Honda CBX vs. Suzuki GS1100E) at cbx.ipeweb.com.

1982 GSX1100E.

Suzuki 1986More Suzuki models from 1986
1986 Suzuki year code: G
Suzuki GSX1100E test specifications

Suzuki GSX1100E test specifications, appeared in Performance Bikes, January 1986.
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Read the whole test at www.gs4.co.uk.

Here's a scanned copy of the GSX1100E Owner's Manual in pdf format:
Download manual (4.10 Mb)

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