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Suzuki GSX1100E brochures and adverts

I have put some Suzuki GSX1100E sales brochures and magazine ads on this page. I would be grateful of any contributions — sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine articles, pictures, specs, facts, corrections etc. Please scan the material in JPEG format (large enough that all the details are visible) and send them to me. Please tell me the source and the publication date if possible. If you send me pictures of your own bike, please follow these instructions.

Note: The 16-valve GSX1100E was known in USA/Canada as GS1100E.

Suzuki 1980 More Suzuki models from 1980
1980 Suzuki year code: T
Suzuki GS-750ET and GS-1100ET

A rather informative ad from USA - 1980 GS-750 ET and GS-1100 ET. Click to enlarge. The scan was sent to me by Michael B, the webmaster of www.gs-classic.de.

Suzuki-line 1980 SwedenSuzuki-line 1980 Sweden
1980 Suzuki line in Sweden (two pages). Click to enlarge. Magazine ad published in Bike 2/1980.

'80 Suzuki GSX1100ET and JR50 magazine adverts from USA
1980 Suzuki GS1100E/GSX1100E and JR50 brochure from USA (one page). Click to enlarge. I found this single page picture on Ebay.

Suzuki 1981More Suzuki models from 1981

1981 Suzuki year code: X
Suzuki GS1100E
1981 GS11000E/GSX1100E magazine ad from USA (originally two pages). Click to enlarge. The scan was sent to me by Michael B, the webmaster of www.gs-classic.de.

Suzuki 1982More Suzuki models from 1982
1982 Suzuki year code: Z
'82 Suzuki GSX1100EZ  brochure
'82 Suzuki GSX1100EZ  brochure
1982 Suzuki GSX1100E brochure from United Kingdom (2 pages). Click to enlarge. I found these images on the Internet. I believe they were scanned by a fellow named Tony Blazier. Printed in Liverpool, England.

Here's a scanned copy of the GSX1100E Owner's Manual in pdf format:
Download manual (4.10 Mb)

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