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January 2003

Here follows the list of the new or updated stuff on my site. I try to keep this page up to date and write here every update on My Suzuki Pages that might interest you.

January 7: New Visitors' Suzuki pictures with comments ('80 GS1100ET, '74 GT250L, '81 GSX750S Katana, '9? Raider 125, '69 KT120 Trail, '79 TS50, '86 GSX400XS Impulse, '01 GSX1300R Hayabusa, '87 GSX-R50/RB50). New entry on the Visitors' Other Bikes page ('87 Armstrong MT500) as well as on the Visitors' GSX1400 page. A new story, written by Tom from Australia, Crashes I remember. The Links page updated.

January 8: New page with some pictures from Suzuki's museum in Hamamatsu, Japan, with some of the Suzuki works racers. The pictures were sent by Jeff Alexander, Canada. Minor updates on RE5 Rotary page, with additional picture of Magnus Hallme's '75 RE5, this time with original wheels. A sound file (.wav format) demostrating the rotary engine. New GSX1100F magazine article, a road test from 1990, published in the Finnish MP1 magazine. The scans were sent by Janne Mustasaari, Finland. New TC-305 Laredo sales brochure scans (two pages, 1968), sent by Dave Picco, USA. New Suzuki TC series frameset. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1968, 1971). New Visitors' Suzuki pictures with comments ('02 VL800 Volusia, '02 GZ250, '61 Colleda 250TB). New info and picture of the '02 GSX1300R Limited Edition Midnight Falcon Special.

January 9: New or updated pages: TS400 brochures & adverts, RM250 magazine articles, RM250 brochures & adverts. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1978).

January 10: some minor updates on the Suzuki GT series section: New GT185 schematic that I found on the Internet, GT250 model history updated (1965, 1981). Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1981).

January 11: A major update. You probably will not notice it all, but it's there anyway. I changed the html code on every page on my site so that I can control the contest of the top and the bottom of all pages whenever I want by just changing the html code on a couple of documents. The function is called SSI (Server Side Includes). That is something you don't have to think about at all, you can surf on my site as before. The main difference from before is that most of the pages have the suffix .shtml (server parsed html) instead of .html. I have also moved around a great deal of documents to new folders. Because of that the direct links to specific pages (if you have used them) probably won't work anymore.
After doing all this, I have carefully tested all the links sitewide and they should all be OK but I may have missed something. If you find any broken links or images, please notify me so I can fix it.

January 12: New Visitors' Suzuki pictures ('81 GS500L, '86 RB50 with a TZR125 engine).

January 13: New or updated pages: KT120 Trail magazine articles, GS500L numbers, RM370 magazine articles, RM400 magazine articles, RH model history, RH magazine articles, RN model history, RN magazine articles (the RH and RN model history pages are still under construction, don't have that much info yet). New Visitors' Suzuki pictures (rebuilt '84 GSX750E, '85 GSX-R750, '83 GSX750ES, '81 GT80L). A page with GT80L pictures, sent by Peter Meijer, Holland. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1981).

January 16: New Visitors' Suzuki pictures with comments ('98 VZ800 Marauder, '94 RF400RR, '90 GSX750F, '80 GS1000GL). The Links page updated. The GT250 model history page updated.

January 17: New or updated pages: RG500 Gamma model history, RG400 Gamma model history, GSX-R1100 model history, GSX-R1100 sales brochures, GS1000 model history, SV1000S magazine adverts.

January 18: Another site structure update. More server-side-included tags, almost unvisible for you visitors. New TS series frameset.

January 23: I got a part-time job last week, I will be teaching web design to young men and women at the local high school here in Sweden. I will be teaching them how to use Style Sheets and stuff, and I previously haven't used the function on my own site... I decided to check it out and manage the fonts on mite with Style Sheets; so I had a huge update to do — again! During the last few of days I have been hacking the code on my site, page by page. It has taken quite a while... Now I have gone through almost every single page, changing the html code so that I can manage the layout dynamically. And while I was at it, I also made some minor updates and corrected some small errors on several pages.
Minor layout upgrade sitewide. For example I put a Measurement Conversion link on the bottom of every full-size page (not on the smaller Updates pages). New Visitors' Suzuki pictures with comments ('79 GS850G, '93 GSX600F).

January 24: New page: XF650 Freewind model history.

January 25: New pages: TL1000S model history, TL1000S magazine ads, TL1000S magazine articles.

January 28: New or updated pages: GSX600F, SV400/
, SV650/SV650S, SV1000/SV1000S, RM60, RM65, RM85, RM100, RM125, RM250/RMX250, DR-Z110. Several updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1977—2002, all new 2003 section, I thought it was time to upload this year's pages, although there's still many models missing).

January 30: New brochure scans: RMX50 (1999, Spain) and GS1200SS (2001, Japan).

January 31: New Visitors' Suzuki pictures with comments ('01 VL800 Volusia, '81 GS1000L. '80 GS750L). New or updated model history pages (2003 models): GS500E, AN400 Burgman/Skywave, SV400/SV400S, Love SN24/26.

It looks like the and visitors on my site keep on increasing. The number of page views in January was over 83,244, a new record again. The next busiest month was December 2002, with 79,350 page views, according to the counter.

The number of page views on my site is now over 674,000 since the start in September 2001 (over 172,000 unique visitors). I'm very happy for the traffic! I thank you all for visiting my site. I hope you have enjoyed your visit and will come again some time.

The total number of visitors should actually be higher, the counter has not been working properly all of the time.

Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favourite model is not on my site. In many cases they haven't even bothered to look properly or used the search engine. But there are still many models missing. I'm doing my best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. This is not my profession; I'm doing this in my spare time. I could use some help to be able to get more things done. Please send me pictures, brochures and specs or complete model histories... Anything at all that can make the site more complete. Here's more info.

One more thing: PLEASE visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages before sending me questions about your bikes, manuals etc. I would love to help you all but I haven't got enough time to do it anymore. You may find an answer to your question on the FAQ pages, check it out! Frequently Asked Questions

Jarmo Haapamäki

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