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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki GSX1400
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!

Click on the images to view them in a larger format.

Suzuki GSX1400
2002 Suzuki GSX 1400 K2
Owner: Chris Hendrie, London UK
Comments: ”I am a long-time Suzuki fan. My last Suzuki was a 1977 GT380. I've had Ducatis since then but finally, after a year of salivating over pictures, took delivery of my new GSX1400 on Saturday 9 November. Here are two pictures I took half an hour after picking it up at the dealership, with 20 miles on the clock. I've since added a tiny clear screen and another 300 miles. I love this bike!”

Here's another picture (rear view).
Suzuki GSX1400
2002 Suzuki GSX 1400 K2
Owner: Stefano, Italy
Comments: ”I have had four Suzukis by now. The first one was a SV 650 S (Black '99), then I had a TL 1000 S (Black '01), now I have a GSX1400 (Blue '02). I also ride a Suzuki scooter, UE150. (Blue '02).
I liked both SV and TL very much but I'm really happy with the GSX. I've done some modifications to my bike, as you can see from the pictures. I'm going to have a custom painting on my bike, perhaps I can send pictures of it.”

Here's another picture (front view).
2002 Suzuki GSX1400
Owner: Mainer Bergessen, Sandefjord Norway
Purchase date: July 2002
Mods: Givi case kit
Comments: ”Compared to my earlier bikes, Suzuki T500J (1972) and Honda CX500 (1983), the GSX1400 feels like a dream come true. The bike handles excellent even with the Givi saddle bags mounted, and my wife likes the Givi kit since the top case acts like a support to her back. I have covered 7,000 km with my GSX1400 without any problems, except with the original Bridgestone BT020 tires. I had to replace the rear tire after 6,500 km due to a puncture (almost worn out by then). I hope to get more mileage out of the Avon Azaro I replaced it with. The original front tire caused vibrations since new, after replacing it with a Michelin Pilot Road the problem disappeared. I cannot recommend the BT020 tires to my friends.”

Here's more Suzuki GSX1400 info.
'02 GSX 1400 K2
2002 Suzuki GSX1400 K2, ”George”
Owner: Peter Crane, Queensland Australia. Purchased: March 2002
Comments: ”When I bought the GSX1400 I ditched the standard exhaust for the Yoshi system for additiona acceleration. Attached is a photo of George the GSX in September last. I have recently put a Ventura rack and blue pack on for additional carrying capacity. The output of the GSX is huge. George does 100 kph at 3000 rpm and 200 kph at 6000 rpm and after that I was concentra-ting on the road rather then the instruments.”
2002 Suzuki GSX1400, ”Big Bull”
Owner: Willem de Ruyter, Rotterdam Holland
Mods: M Design top fairing and headlights, Bike and Design huggers, Ermax tail guard, Lucas Superbike bars, Nissin Complete Race brake and clutch, Goodridge Stainless brake lines, Probolt blue engine bolts, Laser Hotcam 4-1 exhaust system, K&N air filter, Goodridge blue banjo bolt, Bike and Design belly pan, M Design Impact protection dampers, Booster carbon mirrors, Booster mini indicators.

Comments: ”I want the motorcycle to have lots of torque, I'm not that interested in the top speed. I am 47 years old and have owned many bikes, the latest was a Yamaha XJR1200. The GSX1400 uses up-to-date technology and comfortable. I'm a truck driver, 196 cm long and weigh 100 kg, my 'Big Bull' is The Bike for me. In 2002 I won a price from Suzuki Holland (see the picture) with my GSX1400, I'm hoping to win another price this year. There's about 140 Suzuki GSX1400 riders in Holland.”

Here's more Suzuki GSX1400 info.
Here's a couple of more pictures of Willem's ”Big Bull” GSX1400.
Here's links to the manufacturers of the bits and parts mounted on Willem's ”Big Bull”.
2002 Suzuki GSX 1400 K2
Owner: Lawrie White, Barnsley, S/Yorkshire UK
Comments: ”I've been 'messing' with my GSX1400 again. I got hold of a 'fixed' Fazer 1000 top fairing and light unit, chopped about 200mm off its rear sides and shaped it to fit around the tank, made up steel mounts and it's now fixed to the forks and'steers' like the original headlight! I blew-up a big bubble of 3mm plexiglass and then cut
out the screen with a jigsaw. The two mirror-mount holes were filled with mini-indicators. Sprayed it up using the proper clear-over-base top coat. Made up the graphics from vinyl sheet. Also fitted a white GRP hugger and I've put the Scorpion exhaust back on, but this time I've fitted road-legal 'decibel-killers' inside.... Nice sound now! You might see on pics the longer mirror arms I made and I've also fitted a sat-tracker.”

Here's more Suzuki GSX1400 info.
Here's a couple of more pictures of Lawrie's bike.

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Updated: March 19, 2003.

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