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Many of these links were added for over two decades ago.
Many of the sites I added back then have disappeared,
these are still online.
(March 2022)

Check this out .Suzuki Motorcycles Models Diecast Models of Suzuki motorcycles

Links to Suzuki model specific sites:

Suzuki DR Big
A German site with lots of DR 800S stuff. There is a possibility to choose another language, I tried Finnish but only a few single words were translated... Probably a great site for those who speak German.

Suzuki GN models
A German website about the Suzuki GN models.

Suzuki GR650
Some info of the shaft driven Suzuki GR650.

Suzuki GSX-R models
A Japanese site, with some information in English. Several GSX-R models.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Jan's website is dedicated to the 1988-1989 GSX-R750.

Suzuki GSX1100G

Suzuki GSX1100G shaftie fan site (

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Message boards, photo gallery etc. Very nice looking site.

Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
The Dutch Hayabusa Club. 160 members with Hayabusas, 580 units being sold in the Netherlands since 1999, according to Piet, the guy who told me about this site.

Suzuki T & GT models
A Dutch site (some of the pages are in English). ”Suzuki T & GT Liefhebbersclub Nederland”

Suzuki T500 & GT500 performance parts

Suzuki GT200 and GT250
A UK site about the two-stroke GT200 (X-5) and GT250 (X-7) models.

Suzuki PE models
Suzuki PE Owners Club International web site, dedicated to this classic off-road bike of the late 70's and early 80's. News, views and info on the Suzuki PE.

Suzuki RF models
A German website, but the language is English. Lots of good stuff to find here!

Suzuki RGV250
A Brittish website dedicated to the RGV250, claims to be the best RGV web site in the world. Neat site, but I don't like white text on black background...

Suzuki RV125
Among other stuff, you can find the parts catalogue of the RV125 here.

Suzuki SV650, SV1000
A German website about the Suzuki SV650/S & SV1000/S,

Titan Performance ( )
Suzuki enthusiasts, Paul Courbot, and Tim Hart are building performance parts for Gt/T500s, with the intention of moving into a number of other classic two stroke Suzukis in the near future.

Suzuki T20 ”Super Six”
A T20 site about owning, restoring or racing a Suzuki T20 Hustler. The site owner has owned one T20 for 20 years and another for about 11 years.

Suzuki TL1000S
An Australian TL1000S site with lots of magazine article scans, specifications, suspension modifications tips etc.


Official Suzuki sites (only those who linked back...)

Suzuki Austria
The Suzuki Austria GmbH has also noticed my tiny website... The company's CT Manager contacted me and he likes to express his respect to all the peope that have helped in making this ”excellent and detailed website”. (April 2004)

Suzuki Finland
The first Official Suzuki site that linked from their pages to my site! I believe it was in late 2001 or early 2002. I was so honored.

Links to other Suzuki related sites:

Classic Suzuki
A Suzuki Club for owners of classic Suzuki models.

GS Resources
A great site for owners of classic Suzuki GS and GSX models - 1976 through 1985. If you own an old GS/GSX you must visit this site!

Maximum Suzuki
A website dedicated to Suzuki Bandit, Katana and DR models. At a glance it appears to be a massive site but most of the links I tried points to other sites. Quite many broken images. Under construction?

Michael's GS Classic
A great site for Suzuki GS/GSX owners who wants to know more of their bikes. Great stuff, althought the most of the text and specs are in German. Michael and I have started to trade info and help each other with more Suzuki information.
Rebuilt and tuned big Suzukis from the eighties and early nineties. Even scanned GSX-R750 and GSX-R1100 service manuals and fiches converted to pdf.

Suzuki Bromfietsen
A Dutch site with lots of information about Suzuki mopeds like GS50, GT50 and TS50. Photos, technical specifications, wallpapers, brochures etc.

Suzuki Overseas
Global Suzuki's own link page to their official websites all over the world (you'll find Japan in the menu on the top of the page)

Suzuki Owners Club UK
A recommended site to visit for any owner of a Suzuki motorcycle, regardless year or model. Based in the United Kingdom.

Suzuki Owners Club USA
See the comments above. Based in the United States of America.

Vintage Suzuki
Apparently a great parts source for both the 1971-1975 TM models as well as RM line from 1975 through 1980 with more models on the way. Reproduction plastic, decals, seat covers, rubber parts etc. Located in California, USA.

Do you know any other great sites? Tell me about them!

You are welcome to link to my site:

All Suzuki models ever built
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My Suzuki Pages - All Suzuki motorcycles ever made

Other bike links:

Dropbear's Bike Links
A-Z of motorcycling, links to almost everywhere.
Italian resource for new and classic bikes, free motorcycle information and links for bikers.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle World
The site content is mainly about Classic Japanese but even some other vintage cycle makes. Cycle tests, links, spares shop. classifieds etc. etc.

VOG (Vee Owners group). An African site for V-Twin and/or V-Four owners. “We are not an exclusive group but have all brands of bikes in our membership, plenty of various Suzuki’s too!”

Touring / Traffic info:

BUG - Backpackers Ultimate Guide. Choose a country. English.

Traffiken - Driving in Denmark, several languages.

BUG - Backpackers Ultimate Guide. Choose a country. English.

Driving in Sweden, English.


Spare parts and motorcycle related products:

Afe Graphics
Canadian website. Manufacturing of vintage motorcycle decals. Reproductions for Japanese models, from the late 60's through to the late 80's.

Dave from Canada has a large stock of ignition contact points for most vintage Suzukis. He has parts for other vintage Japanese bikes as well. The website is called Disaster.

Motorcycle Gauge Restoration
Allan Tucker, with great knowledge of Suzuki motorcycles, created a website to offer his services of gauge restoration for older bikes of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Located in Barbados, the Caribbean.

Product pages
There's a couple of pages on this site with links to products or commercial sites. Banner pages.

Reproduction Decals
If you need any decals for your old Suzuki, Andre at the Reproduction Decals may be able to help you. He owns several Suzukis himself and has many Suzuki decals available on his site. Even other brands.

Motorcycle litterature:

Suzuki motorcycle books at
Repair and maintenance manuals and other books about Suzuki motorcycles. For those who live in Europe (cheaper P&P).

Suzuki motorcycle books at
Repair and maintenance manuals and other books about Suzuki motorcycles. For those who live in USA or Canada (cheaper P&P)., the magazine superstand
Risk Free Magazine Subscriptions to over 1300 titles, among them many magazines of motorcycles. The prices can be very low, 73% off is not unusual. Unfortunately they deliver to U.S. only. I would have subscribed at least two magazines but couldn't...

Other links:

Hälleforsnäs Records
My one man company - I make music for people.

Hälleforsnäs Webdesign
My one man company number two - I make websites for people. And companies. . . . . ..

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