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Suzuki museum in Hamamatsu
Suzuki GP machines
at the Heartech Plaza

Jeff Alexander, Ph.D. Student in Vancouver, Canada, was kind enough to send us pictures he took when visiting the Suzuki museum in Hamamatsu, Japan. There's hundreds of Suzuki motorcycles and cars dating back to the 50's. Here's a couple of the pictures. Enjoy!

Click on the images for larger format.

Suzuki racers from the 60's

Suzuki racers from the 60's. Photo: Jeff Alexander

Suzuki racers from the 70's

Suzuki racers from the 70's. Photo: Jeff Alexander

Suzuki racers from the 80's

Suzuki racers from the 90's. Photo: Jeff Alexander

Suzuki racers from the 60's

”I study Japan’s domestic motorcycle industry, and I recently met with Suzuki’s designers and engineers at their manufacturing plant in Hamamatsu, Japan. They were very helpful, and I took pictures inside their museum, where they have hundreds of their motorcycles and cars dating back to the 50's. I’ve attached a few of the best ones here for you. (Naturally, they didn’t allow me to take any pictures inside the assembly plant, and neither did Yamaha. That was all top-secret stuff.)”

Happy riding,

Jeff Alexander
Ph.D. Student
Department of History
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

The museum, the Heartech Plaza, is not open to general visitors. It's for Suzuki internal use only. You have to contact Suzuki and be persuade them to open the doors for you if you want to see all the interesting bikes in the museum.

Some owners clubs in Japan, RG Gamma, DR, GSX-R and so on, made contacts to SUZUKI, and were permitted to visit the museum. The reports can be found on the internet (in Japanese language) here.

The museum has no website and apparently can't be contacted by e-mail either.
The postal (snail mail) address of the Heartech Plaza is the following:

The Heartech Plaza of Suzuki Motor co, Ltd.
300 Takatsuka, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka-Pref,

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