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August 2002

Here follows the list of the new or updated stuff on my site. I try to keep this page up to date and write here every update on My Suzuki Pages that might interest you.

August 7: I had a couple of weeks biking holiday in Finland and haven't been online for a while. There's a couple of visitors Suzuki pictures waiting to be uploaded on the site and there's also a huge pile of old Finnish Tekniikan Maailma magazine articles waiting to be scanned. The first update after the brake is a four-page sales brochure scan from Sweden, 1967 (at least I think it is) Suzuki Sport 50, also known as M12S. I also put a 1964 Japanese ad to the same page.

August 8: New Visitor's Suzuki photos (1979 GS1000S, 1980 GSX750E, 1982 GSX750S Katana, 1969 A100). A new RG125 frameset with several pages, among them a 1995 RG125 Gamma sales brochure from Switzerland.

August 9: New GSX600F frameset with couple of pages of the model. Please help me to find more info of the model, even of other GSX600 models.

August 10: I have started to scan some various stuff from some old Tekniikan Maailma magazines from Finland. I started from the earliest stuff I could find, the pictures of Suzuki T500 and TR250 at the R.A.I. Motorcycle Show in Amsterdam and a T20 test drive, both from 1968.

August 12: New Visitor's Suzuki photo (1974 GT250). New brochures of GT250, RG250 Gamma, XN85 Turbo, T350, AC50, K50, GSX-R750. The GT250 model history updated. New pages with K50 and AC50 model history (with not that much info on them yet). Some minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1974, 1976, 1982, 2001, 2002). A couple of new links to other sites.

August 13: New brochure scans: 1977 GT250 and 1978 X7, both sent by Erik Hobo from Holland. The GT250 model history updated again.

August 14: New brochure scans: T250, GT250, GT250-X7, RG250E. All scans sent by Erik Hobo from the Neatherlands.

August 15: New brochure scans of RGV250 Gamma, sent by Erik Hobo from the Neatherlands (there's more RGV250 Gamma brochures coming real soon). Also new or updated brochure pages with sales brochures of several Dutch 50cc models: A50P, A50PD, GT50P, GT50P Special, TS50ERP, TS50XK and ZR50SLP. A little model history on some of the pages. All the Dutch 50 cc moped brochure scans sent by Johan, Suzuki Bromfietsen. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1977, 1981).

August 16: A new addition on the Visitors' bikes page (1966 Bridgestone 90 Mountain). More new brochure scans of RGV250 Gamma, sent by Erik Hobo from the Neatherlands. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1989, 1991, 1992). Even a couple of new pictures on the GSX-R750 model history and RGV250 model history pages.

August 17: I have continued scanning stuff from old Tekniikan Maailma magazines from Finland. A week ago I scanned the couple of articles I found on the '68 year's issues, now I continued with the '69 issues I've got. I found these: A Suzuki A95 ad, a T500 road test, pictures from the '69 Brighton Bike Show: Crooks T20 Suzuki and AS50 Sports. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1969).

August 20: New or updated brochure/magazine ad pages: T125, T250, T350, GT250, GT380, GT500, GT550, GT750.

August 21: A couple of pictures on the RG125 Gamma and RGV250 Gamma model history pages were in wrong places. I corrected the errors and found a couple of new pictures to put on the named pages. I even updated the RGV250 Gamma history a little. More pictures and brochures are more than welcome!
I even updated My Motor Pages today, it has been a while since the last time. I found an interesting and unique test ride of Jarno Saarinen's Puch-Tunturi M125 6 Gg from 1968 from an old Finish motor magazine. I scanned the article and put it on my other (not nearly as informative as this one) site.

August 22: I have continued to scan Finnish articles and ads from the old Tekniikan Maailma magazines I have (there's several issues missing). Now I went throught the '70 issues I've got. I found these: A Suzuki A95 ad, some specs for all the motorcycles sold in Finland in 1970, including Suzuki A95, Suzuki T125-II and Suzuki T250-II. I have started to make an own page with all Suzuki models imported to Finland. I also found an article of the '69 Tokyo Motor Show, where Suzuki models Wild Cat (100cc trial bike), T350 Tiger, T500-III Titan ad T125-II were mentioned. I found even a four-page T125-II road test. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1970).

August 23: Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1991 and 1992). New pages about Suzuki SW-1 and Goose 250. Some new pictures on the RG125 Gamma, GSX1100G, GSX-R750, GSX600F and GSX1100F model history pages.

August 24: Justin Smith had seen the RM500 picture on the Help wanted page and recognized it as a '84 years model. He owned a RM500E himself that he had restored to mint original condition and had a brochure of it with the specs. He sent the specs to me and I could start the RM500 page. Erik Hobo had recently sent me a brochure page scan from '91 with the RM80X, RM125 and RM250 models. So I updated the respective brochure pages (the RM80X page is new). I gothered all the Suzuki RM-RMX models under their own frameset. New is also the Suzuki PV50 frameset, for the Japanese and Finnish versions of the PV50 EPO. The model was sold in Finland under the name Solifer-Suzuki. There's also a new frameset for the RB50 GAG (the minigixxer) model history and brochure pages, and there's also a Finnish version of the GAG, called Solifer-Suzuki R.

August 25: I found a couple of new brochure scans from 1980: RM50 and RM80. Both new pages. I also found a Japanese sales brochure of the Mame-Tan 50E, called OR50 Rebel when exported overseas. Found new info of the models, updated the OR50 Rebel model history page and even the RG50/GT50/ZR50/X1 model history page (the parts that concern the sister model OR50). A new page with FY50 Youdy brochures.

August 26: A couple of small T20 magazine ads and a AS50 magazine ad from Japan, GN250E brochure from Japan. A new Visitor's Suzuki picture (a drawing of a 1982 GSX750S Katana). Pictures of Lasse Sellbom's 1969 T500 renovation project. New versions of the 1982 GSX750S Katana brochure (Japan), new Katana brochure scans from Germany with specs for GSX400F, GS550M, GS650G, GSX750S and GSX1100S Katanas. 1981 GSX400F Katana brochure (Japan).

August 27: New Visitor's Suzuki pictures (T125 Stinger, VX800, Solifer-Suzuki R). New VX800 brochure page (with specs). New page with several pictures of the rare Solifer-Suzuki R minigixxer before renovation.

August 29: New Visitor's Suzuki pictures (GT250A). Updated the Updates page, made separate pages of each month's updates for faster loading. Hope you appreciate it.

August 30: New brochure pages with Suzuki GT100, GT125 and GP125. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1979).

August 31: I updated My Motor Pages today, I got in touch with the copyright owner of the color picture of Jarno Saarinen's old Puch-Tunturi M125 6 Gg that I found of a Finnish website. The guy who took the picture allowed me use it. Thanks! I even updated the page with all Suzuki models imported to Finland. This time I went through the Suzukis imported to Finland in 1985 and 1987. Minor updates on the All Suzuki Models section (1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1985, 1986, 1987) and the GSX1100E model history and the GS1150E page. New frameset for all the Suzuki GT models. New Visitor's Suzuki pictures (AC50, K11P). New pictures of a Suzuki GSX1400 with Hepco & Becker crash bars and rear carrier. New 1968 M12 brochure scans. New brochure pages: M30 (Suzy 50) and M31 (Suzy 55).

The number of page views in August 2002 was 63,031 (new record) and the total number of hits is now over 350,000 since the start in September 2001 (over 79,000 unique visitors). I'm very happy for the traffic! I thank you all for visiting my site. I hope you have enjoyed your visit and will come again some time.

The busiest week so far was also in August 2002. During the week 32 (3-11 August) there was 16,330 page views.

The total number of visitors should actually be higher, the counter was down a couple of weeks in June and July and the hits per day have been encreasing all the time. Still, the site gets more visitors all the time and that is my reward for my efforts... :-)

Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favourite model is not on my site. In many cases they haven't even bothered to look properly or used the search engine. But there are still many models missing. I'm doing my best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. This is not my profession; I'm doing this in my spare time. I could use some help to be able to get more things done. Please send me pictures, brochures and specs or complete model histories... Anything at all that can make the site more complete. Here's more info.

One more thing: PLEASE visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages before sending me questions about your bikes, manuals etc. I would love to help you all but I haven't got enough time to do it anymore. You may find an answer to your question on the FAQ pages, check it out! Frequently Asked Questions

Jarmo Haapamäki

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