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Suzuki GS550M Katana brochures & adverts

I have put some Suzuki GS550M Katana brochures and adverts on this page.
Please send me more stuff to put here. I want brochures from all over the world!

Suzuki 1981More Suzuki models from 1981
1981 Suzuki year code: X
Suzuki GS550M Katana specifications

1981 Suzuki GS550M Katana pre-launch brochures from UK (late 1980). Click to enlarge. The brochure scan was kindly sent to me by Garry Kemp, United Kingdom.

'81 Katana brochure from Germany'81 Katana brochure from Germany'81 Katana brochure from Germany

1981 Katana brochure from Germany (three pages). Click to enlarge. Ralf Königer, katana-treff.de, was kind enough to send these German Katana brochure scans to me. The bike on the cover is a GS550M, the other page has a GSX1100S picture on it and the third page has the specs for GSX400F, GS550M, GS650G, GSX750S and GSX1100S Katanas. Note: the bottoms of every page were missing (probably didn't fit the scanner), I ”fixed” them on my computer. I had to guess how they looked like. I hope they don't look totally different from the original brochure.

Suzuki 1982More Suzuki models from 1982
1982 Suzuki year code: Z
Suzuki GSX550 Katana

1982 Suzuki GS550M picture. Courtesy of Craig Howell www.craig.howell.net.

Suzuki GS650G Katana

1982 Suzuki GS550M and GS650G magazine ad, Germany. Published in Motorrad 10/1982.

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Sources: Garry Kemp, Ralf Königer, Craig Howell, Motorrad etc.

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