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Suzuki T20 magazine adverts

I have put some Suzuki T 20 magazine ad scans on this page. I would be grateful of any contributions — sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine articles, pictures, specs, facts, corrections etc. Please scan the material in JPEG format (large enough that all the details are visible) and send them to me. Please tell me the source and the publication date if possible. If you send me pictures of your own bike, please follow these instructions.

Suzuki 1966More Suzuki models from 1966

Suzuki T-20 T20 X-6 X6 Supersix Super-six HustlerFebruary 1966, T20 & B100 advert, JapanFebruary 1966, T20 & B100 advert, Japan

T20 magazine ads from 1966. Click to enlarge. The first one is from UK, the rest is Japanese magazine ads (February and May). The other bike on the middle-ad is a B100.

'66 Suzuki K11 magazine ad, Japan

1966 Suzuki Super Sport 250 Sport and Suzuki 80 K 11 magazine ad from Finland. Click to enlarge. ”The World Champion Suzuki comes again! Last year Suzuki took the real hard 125cc class World Championship. The reliability both on the racing track and on the roads has made Suzuki to Worlds biggest two-stroke bike.” This ad was published in Tekniikan Maailma 1/1966. The same ad was published in several issues of the Tekniikan Maailma magazine during the spring of 1966.

Suzuki 1967More Suzuki models from 1967

'67 Suzuki K11 magazine ad, Japan
1967 Suzuki Sport 80 K 11 and Suzuki Super Sport 250 magazine ads from Finland. Click to enlarge. The left ad of these two was published in Tekniikan Maailma 1/1966. ”The World Champion Suzuki in Finland again” meaning that the first shipment was sold out. The right one was published in Tekniikan Maailma double issue 6-7/1966. ”How this tough machine... ...can be that cheap” Suzuki 80 K 11-2: More power and acceleration, Suzuki Super Sport 250 (T20): Speed machine with six gears.

Suzuki 1968More Suzuki models from 1968

Suzuki 500 Five, T-305, TM 250, AS 50, X6 '69
1968 Suzuki two-page advertisement from Nothern America. Click to enlarge. ”Suzuki makes it!” The models offered in 1968 were: Suzuki 500 Five (T500 Cobra), T-305, TM 250, AS 50 Colt, X6 (T20). Published in Cycle Guide magazine, May 1968
It says the following of the T305: ”See the restyled Suzuki X-6 Scrambler. What we’ve done for the X-6 Scrambler, we’ve also done for the X-6 Hustler (not illust.). Both look racier. Sleeker. Both have a sexier grand prix design. We’ve even added stripes to show their Suzuki racing heritage (the X-6 Hustler holds the 250cc world’s land speed record at Bonneville). Street, straightaway, or off the beaten path, Suzuki makes a 250cc for you.”

Suzuki T-20 T20 X-6 X6 Supersix Super-six Hustler

A detail from the advertisement above. It shows an interesting variation on the X-6 Scrambler with a GP kit (option). Click on the image for the whole page.

Suzuki T-20 T20 X-6 X6 Supersix Super-six Hustler

Gerald, who mailed me the 1968 Suzuki ad, found another interesting picture from the now defunct american magazine Old Bike Journal, August 1994. It shows an X-6 with what they called the GP kit. The article states that the owner found the kit in an old Suzuki dealer storage area and it is the original paint. Gerald comments: ”This bodystyle is rare, very rare. I have never seen one and the 1968 buyers guide doesn't show it either. It must have been an accessory kit sold for the X-6 (T-20) by Suzuki for the American market?”

Found on eBay in June 2006: "...the guy I bought the bike from worked at a Suzuki dealership in southern Cal in 1966. He described how the dealership received their first shipment of X6 bikes... none had seats or tanks on them! The manager was irate and made some phone calls. He was assured by the distributor that seats and tanks were coming. A couple days later they received a shipment of the exact fiberglass GP seat and tank sets on my bike... they were assembled at the dealership on brand new X6 bikes that did not have standard seats and tanks already installed. I have been told that Suzuki marketing believed this would be a good U.S. (maybe more west coast??) marketing and design move.”

Suzuki T-20 T20 X-6 X6 Supersix Super-six Hustler

Gerald found another ”GP kit ad” from 1968. Here's a detail. Click to enlarge.

Suzuki T-20 T20 X-6 X6 Supersix Super-six Hustler

Suzuki T20 ad from Swedish MC-Nytt magazine 8/1968. Click to enlarge. ”Why has Suzuki 250 T20 made such an enormous success in motorcycle circles all over the world? Our exclusive ’American’ 4-color brochure gives You some answers. There's also a Suzuki moped for you at 15 years. Suzuki light mc K11 80 cc for you at 16.” Thanks to Lars Sellbom for scanning the advert!

Suzuki 1969More Suzuki models from 1969
1969 Suzuki Sweden, ad
1969 Suzuki magazine ad from Sweden. Click to enlarge. The 50cc M12S, the 70cc A95 (here only called ”the light motorcycle”), the 250cc T20 and the 500cc T500 shows that Suzuki have bikes for ”all classes”. Six months warranty. Published in MC-Nytt (Sweden), December 1968.

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