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Suzuki Colleda brochures

I have put some SJK (Suzuki) Colleda brochure scans on this page. I would be grateful of any contributions — sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine articles, pictures, specs, facts, corrections etc. Please scan the material in JPEG format (large enough that all the details are visible) and send them to me. Please tell me the source and the publication date if possible. If you send me pictures of your own bike, please follow these instructions.

Suzuki 1956More Suzuki models from 1956

'56 SJK Colleda ST-2,  Colleda COX-2, Mini Free and Diamond Free sales brochure from Japan

1956 SJK Colleda and cyclemotor brochure from Japan. Click to enlarge. The brochure scan (actually a digital photo) of the material was kindly sent to me by Joe Broussard. The SJK (Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo, Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company) shows here its motorcycle models Colleda ST-II, Colleda COX-II and the cyclemotors Mini Free and Diamond Free. This ”brochure” was on the inside cover of the Power Free spare parts catalog, also shown on this site.

Suzuki 1957More Suzuki models from 1957

'57 Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo brochure, Japan

1957 SJK Colleda and cyclemotor brochure from Japan. I found this image on a Japanese auction site. I believe it's from 1957, showing the models Colleda ST-II, Colleda TP (cheaper version of the TT, with a Black fuel tank, different frame and front fork), DH-2 Porter Free, TT (with the fishtail rear flashers), Power Free, Diamond Free and the Suzulight four-wheel car. It's been difficult for me to determinate the correct year for this brochure, because the models were not dropped from the catalog and replaced by new models every year like nowadays. The second bike with the dark fuel tank puzzled me a good while, it looks like it's got an engine from the TT, that is very easy to recognize, but the rest of the bike looks different from any Colleda I've seen before. The image is not very large and therefor I cannot be sure what it says on the brochure. But then I found a description of the '57 SP from a Japanese website and I believe this is the model.

I found this description of the 1957 Colleda TP on a Japanese website. I used Altavista for translation and rewrote it so you can actually understand what it says. It is fully possible that I have misunderstood some of the meanings. For instance, I got the impression that the TP's suspension would be similar with the TT. If that's a TP in the picture, that is not correct. The bike in the picture has a normal type front fork, not a swng arm-type front suspension like the TT.

Anyway, this is my version of the text: Air cooled 2-stroke twin, 247.3cc. A simplified low-budget version of the 250 TT (1956) with a new frame. Painted fuel tank instead of chrome. Shorter seat, turn signals and tail fin. Also design of the tank is different. Metal tubing double cradle steel frame, similar suspension system and basically identical square 54 x 54 mm engine with the TT. 18ps/ 6,000 rpm. Claimed maximum speed of 130 km/h. Recommended retail prise in 1967 for the 250 TP was ¥205,000 (¥235000 for the TT). The TP was available with a longer single seat or with a single seat and a luggage carrier above the rear fender.

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Colleda ST-5Colleda ST-5
Colleda ST-5 brochure from Japan. I found these tiny photos on a Japanese auction site.

Suzuki 1959More Suzuki models from 1959

Suzuki 1960More Suzuki models from 1960
Colleda SB Seltwin 125
Colleda SB Seltwin brochure page from Japan. This scan was kindly sent to me by Rick Best. Unfortunately I don't have any idea of what it saysin the brochure, I don't understand Japanese. But I do believe it's a Colleda Seltwin SB 125 in the picture. Click for a larger image.

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