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Krauser K5 saddle cases

Volker from the German GSX1400 site www.gsx-1400.net helped me to get pictures of a Suzuki GSX1400 with Krauser hard cases.

Some of these pictures and even pictures of Hepco & Becker cases and other GSX1400 goodies can be found on his site (choose ”Informationen”on the start page, then "Anbauteile und Zubehör").

All pictures on the page sent by Walter Lazarek, Germany (apparently he is not the man sitting on the bike).

Walter mailed me a whole bunch of pictures after Volker from www.gsx-1400.net had told him that I wanted information about Krauser cases for GSX1400. Walter has a Krauser K5 system mounted on his GSX and he is very pleased with the quality. He tells that the silver colored top on the cases is removeable for painting in any color to match the motorcycle's color scheme.
The prices in Germany are: K5 cases (see the pictures) 179,95 EURO per case, K3 (not illustrated here) 172,95 EURO per case. The rack system (”Kofferhalter” in German) 151.95 EURO. Available almost everywhere in Germany, here's one URL: www.louis.de. According to Walter they will even ship to Sweden (19,50 EURO for P&P).

Walter Lazarek's GSX1400 K2 with Krauser K5 case system, seven pictures. Click to enlarge the smaller pictures.


Jarmo Haapamäki, April 23 2002.

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All images courtesy of Walter Lazarek, Germany.

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