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September 2020

Here follows the list of the new or updated stuff on my site. I try to keep this page up to date and write here every update on my Suzuki site that might interest you.

September 8: Again, I thought I could find time and energy to look after and update my website more often. I couldn't. Well, today I have been sitting in front of my computer and maintaining the site. I see it was a long time ago.
I have now been digging in my mailbox and found lots of treats that people have sent me. It takes me a good while to go through all the stuff, but I will do it, although it will take me a while.
Today I have updated the following pages: GS750 magazine adverts ('79 GS750EN Heron Suzuki ad), 1990 Suzuki models (JR50), Lido 50/CP50 brochures and adverts ('89 CP50/80 Heron Suzuki ad) and uploaded a few Visitors' Suzuki photos ('75 TM75, '74K125, '78 GS750E, '94 GSX-R750S, '87 GSX1100S Katana, '03 SV1000N, '04 DR-Z400, '75 TS250, '83 DR125, '73 T500). New page: JR50 brochure scans (June '90).

September 9: Still trying... Today I have updated the following pages: GT550 brochure scans ('74 USA, '75 USA), GT750 brochure scans ('74 USA, '75 USA), K50 brochure scans ('79 Denmark) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('78 GS1000S Wes Cooley replica, '82 GS750T).

September 10: Today I have updated the following pages: GSX-R1000 model history (pic of a '04 Yellow version), GT550 magazine articles ('76 Motorcycle Sport road test), K50 brochure scans ('75 K50M Sweden), DR350 model history ('92 DR350, '92 DR350S), 1992 Suzuki models (DR350, DR350S), German Suzuki catalogues ('76 line-up, '77 line-up), GS700E/ES model history ('85 GS700ES photo) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('75 T500, '74 GT550, '72 T500, '85 GS700ES), GT750 brochure scans ('77 France), GT750 model history (more pictures, corrected dry mass). New pages: DR250 brochure scans ('82 DR250, '85 DR250S, '91 DR250S), DR350 brochure scans ('92 DR350, '92 DR350S).

September 11: Today I have updated the following pages: GSX-R1100 model history ('96 photo), 1996 Suzuki models (GSX-R1100), GS1000 model history (a story sent by Peter Rotherham, Suzuki Works Trained Mechanic), Suzukis available in Japan 1960–1969 ('63 range), 1963 Suzuki models (50M12, 80K11, 125S31, M30, T10, 50MD, 80K and S30) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('96 GSX-R1100, '71 TC90, '85 GS850G, '62 Colleda TB250, '85 GSX400T, '81 GS550E, '74 RL250, '06 GSX1400), Visitors' GSX1400 photos ('06 Australia).
I also fixed minor errors and glitches on several pages.

September 12: Today I have updated the following pages: DR250 brochure scans ('82, '84 and '90 DR250S, front pages only), DR350 brochure scans ('91 DR350S, '93 DR350), DS80 brochure scans ('90), GSX-R750 brochure scans ('90), TS185ER brochure scans ('91 Australia), TS185 model history ('91) TS200R model history ('89, '90, '91, '92 & '96 pictures), AS50 magazine articles ('69 cover page only) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('76 TR750 Racer Replica, '78 GS1000, '87 GS850G, '67 80 K10, '69 TS90, '71 TS90, B200, '58 Colleda TM). New page: TS200R sales brochure ('92).

September 13: Today I have updated the following pages: B100 brochure scans ('68 Denmark & International) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('85 GSX750S Shark, '89 GSX1100F, '80 DR400, '70 AC50, '82 GS650GL, '80 PV50 EPO, '67 K10). New page: DR400 magazine adverts ('80 USA).

September 14: Today I have updated the following pages: 1969 Suzuki models (U50), GN250 brochure scans ('90 Australia), UK import models ('79 range, 23 models), AC50 brochure scans ('70 USA), T250 brochure scans ('71 USA), T125 brochure scans ('70 USA), A100 brochure scans ('72), GSX-R750 model history ('94 pictures and some text addition) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('70 U50, '72 GT750, '98 XF650 Freewind, '92 GSX-R400, '70 TS90 Honcho, '79 TS185ER, '67 S32-2, '81 GS450S). New page: U50 brochure scans ('69 USA). New pages: GN250 brochure scans ('91, '96 & '99 UK, '14 China), K15 magazine adverts ('65K15 Hill-Billy USA).

September 15: Today I have updated the following pages: GSX-R750 brochure scans ('94 UK), GSX1100ES model history ('85 GSX1100ES)), the related 1985 Suzuki models page, TS185 brochure scans ('79 International), TS185 model history ('79 TS185), the related 1979 Suzuki models page, TS250 brochure scans ('76 and '77), PE250 brochure scans ('79 and '80), PE250 model history ('79 and '80), the related 1980 Suzuki models page, TS250 model history ('76 and '77 photos) and Visitors' Suzuki photos ('81 GSX250E, '83 TR125GE. '85 RG400 Gamma, '76 TS50K, '55-56 Colleda ST, '67 T20 X-6, '70 TC250, T20 racer, '70 T250). New pages: GSX1100ES brochure scans ('85 brochure), TC120 brochure scans ('69 and '70 brochures).

September 16: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('72 TS185, '69-70 K50, '86 GSX-R750R, '85 RG500 Gamma, '84 XN85 Turbo, '86 GF250, '83 GSX750ES, '81 SP500, '80 GS400S). I have also started to build a new page: SFV650 Gladius model history (2009–2015). Another new page: SFV650 Gladius brochures (2010, 2014, 2015).

September 17: Today I have updated the following pages: GT125 brochure scans ('75 Germany, '79 France), Visitors' Suzuki photos ('79 GS425E, '80 GSX1100E, '79 GT12, '79 GT125 Gold Label, '64 M15D, '67 S32-2, '84 GS1150EF, '67 K10), K50 brochure scans, K125 brochure scans ('75 K50, K90 and K125 domestic Japan), GS1100E brochure scans (1980 USA), JR50 brochure scans ('80 USA), K50 model history & K125 model history pages (added 1975 models). New page: K90 brochure scans ('75 K models, Japan).

September 18: Today I have updated the following pages: GS550 brochure scans, GS750 brochure scans, GS1000 brochure scans (UK '78 GS550-GS750-GS1000 catalog), Visitors' Suzuki photos ('64 T10, unidentified model, '74 GT750, '73 TC125, '89 GSX750F, '82 GS750E, '81 GS1000G), FR50 model history (1973) and FX125 model history (2001). New pages: USA models 1980–1989 (1982–1983 ”Rawe Reductions” catalogue, 12 pages, 43 models), FX125 brochure scans ('01 Greece), FR50 brochure scans, FR70 brochure scans, FR70 model history (1973 models), F50 brochure scans (1970).

September 19: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('84 GSX750EF, '94 GSX1100G, '88 GSX-R750, '83 GSX750S Katana, '78 GS750E, '04 GSX-R600, '79 GS850G Police Bike, '99 VS1400 Intruder, '90 GSX-R1100), K11 magazine adverts ('67 USA), TM400 magazine articles (Modern Cycle/February '71, Cycle Guide/April '71, Cycle World/May '71, Modern Cycle/ May '71). New pages: 250TA, 250TB and 250TC magazine adverts ('62-'63 USA), GSX550ES magazine articles with a Dutch GSX model article published in Motor/April '83, the same article apport also on the GSX400E, GSX750ES and GSX1100ES magazine articles pages.

September 20: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('71 TC90, '00 GSX600F, '02 GSX600F, '00 JR50, '73 T350, '82 GSX400E, '79 SG1000S, '15 GSX-S750, '73 TS185), TM400 magazine articles (Popular Cycling/July '71, Cycle Guide/October '71, Cycle Illustrated/January '72, Motor Cyclist/November '72, Cycle World/August '74), RM80 model history ('83 Johnnie Purvis photo). New pages: GP125 brochure scans ('78), M15 magazine adverts ('64 UK).

September 21: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('67 M15D, '84 GSX400FWS, '96 K90, '95 RG125 Gamma, '95 K125, '74 K125), GSX400FW brochure scans ('83, '84 Japan), GSX400E brochure scans ('83, '85Japan), K50 brochure scans ('68 International), K50 model history (new pictures and text).

September 22: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('67 T200, '67 TC200, '68 T500, '74 T500, '75 T500, '76 TC100, '92 RG125 Gamma, '74 RV90 Rover, '77 RV50), RG125 Gamma model history ('85, '88 and '92 photos), TS50 brochure scans ('76), RG125 Gamma brochure scans ('92), RV50 brochure scans ('73, '74, Belgium, '77, '78 Germany), RV90 brochure scans ('78 Germany), GS750 brochure scans, GS750E brochure scans ('79 USA). New pages: RV75 brochure scans ('74 Global), GSX400T magazine articles ('82 UK).

September 23: Today I have updated the following pages: AS50 brochures & adverts ('68 Japan), T250 magazine ads ('70 UK). New pages: FS50 magazine adverts ('81 USA).
T500 adverts, T305 brochures & adverts, TM250 brochures & adverts, T20 magazine adverts ('68 USA), T20 brochure scans ('67 USA), TC250 brochure scans ('67 USA), B105 brochure scans ('67 USA), S32 brochure scans ('67 USA).

September 24: Today I have updated the following pages: Visitors' Suzuki photos ('02 TU250GB Grasstracker Bigboy, GS300L, '72 T500, '69 T500, '70 T125 Stinger, '96 RMX250, '95 GSX-R90 GAG, '79 GS1000L, '70 T250 Hustler, '79 GP125, '69 K10, '83 SD125, '70 A50-II), T500 brochure scans ('69 France).

September 25: Today I have updated the following pages: K15 magazine articles ('65 USA), TS50 brochure scans ('71 Japan), TS50 model history ('73 photo), TS125 brochure scans ('77), RM370 brochure scans ('77 UK), A50 brochure scans ('77 UK), TS90 brochure scans ('71 USA, '72 USA), TC90 brochure scans ('70 UK, '71 USA, '72 USA). New pages: T305 magazine articles ('68 USA), T305 magazine adverts ('68 USA), A70 brochure scans ('70 USA).

September 26: Today I have updated the following pages: TS125 brochure scans ('72, '78, '79), TS125 model history ('77 photo and specs), TS400 brochure scans ('74 USA, '75 USA), GSX-R750 brochure scans ('87 Japan). New page: TC200 brochure scans ('68). Visitors' Suzuki photos ('83 GS300L, '90 RGV250SP, K125, '75 TS250, '99 SV400SW, '85 GS1150EF, a 250 yet to be identified).

September 27: Today I have updated the following pages: TM125 brochures ('74 Japan, '76 Germany), DR125 brochures ('87 France, '98 Germany), TC185 magazine articles ('74 USA) ,TS185 magazine articles ('74 USA) . New pages: DR200SE Trojan adverts ('18 New Zealand), DR800S Big brochures ('95, '97 & '99 Germany, cover pages only), VS800 Intruder brochures, ('98), VS1400 Intruder brochures, ('98), VL1500 Intruder brochures, ('98 Germany).

September 28: Updates: DR250 brochures ('84, '85, '91), GSX400T brochures ('82 specifications), GS850G magazine adverts ('79 USA). New page: DR250 magazine articles ('82 road test, USA)

September 29: Updates: Boulevard M109R model history (2011–2020 models), GSX-R1000 model history ('20, '21 models). New pages: GSX-S1000 brochures ('17 India), GSX1000S Katana model history (the new version), GSX1000S Katana brochures ('20 UK), GSX1000S Katana magazine articles ('19 UK). I also started a 2020 Suzuki models page. It was about time...

September 30: New pages: GSX-S1000 model history (2015–2020), GSX-S1000F model history (2016–2020). Updated pages: GSX1300R Hayabusa model history (2020), GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 brochure pages (both '99 Germany, cover pages only). I also added the models to the related All Suzuki motorcycles pages.

I will try to keep updating this site more frequently than earlier this year. And last year. And the year before that.

Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favourite model is not on my site. In many cases they haven't even bothered to look properly or used the search engine. But there are still many models missing. I'm doing my best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. This is not my profession; I'm doing this in my spare time. I could use some help to be able to get more things done. Please send me pictures, brochures and specs or complete model histories... Anything at all that can make the site more complete. Here's more info.

One more thing: PLEASE visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages before sending me questions about your bikes, manuals etc. I would love to help you all but I haven't got enough time to do it anymore. You may find an answer to your question on the FAQ pages, check it out! Frequently Asked Questions

Jarmo Haapamäki

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