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Suzuki TM250 ”Champion”

I have put some Suzuki TM-250 brochures and facts on this page.
Please send me more stuff to put here. I want brochures from all over the world!
There's also a separate page with a Cycle World road test of a 1967 TM-250/RH67.

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Suzuki 1968More Suzuki models from 1968
Suzuki 500 Five, T-305, TM 250, AS 50, X6 '69
1968 Suzuki two-page advertisement from Nothern America. Click to enlarge. ”Suzuki makes it!” The models offered in 1968 were: Suzuki 500 Five (T500 Cobra), T-305, TM 250, AS 50 Colt, X6 (T20). Published in Cycle Guide magazine, May 1968
It says the following of the T305: ”See the Suzuki Moto-Cross TM250– Not only looks the part, but has the parts to meet all European Moto-Cross specs. 250cc aluminium Dual-Stroke engine. 32 hp at 6800 rpm, with torque all the way. 34 mm Mikuni carb. Denso racing ignition. Works gusseted down single tube frame. The Moto-Cross is made to race.”

TM250J (1972)

The new TM250J and was knicknamed the ‘CHAMPION’, After the RH71 ‘works’ 250 ridden by World Champion, Joel Robert. It was based very much on the TS250 trail bike and shared many engine parts including the figure of eight type Magneto cover and clutch operated through a worm and push rod arrangement. The sprocket cover was fitted with three diagonal slits and all the cases were finished in a satin matt black colour. The compression ratio was 7.5:1 and had a fan type cylinder head; the piston bore size was 70mm.

An exhaust system with no rear silencer certainly made the machine sound good and courtesy of a five-speed constant mesh gearbox it produced 30 bhp at 7,500 rpm. A 34mm Mikuni carburettor was fitted and foam air filter was boxed under the seat.
Ignition was by PEI (pointless electronic ignition). Suzuki’s own Posi-Force lubrication system was used with the two-stroke oil tank being fitted under the right hand side number plate.

Footrests were folding fabricated sheet steel type. The fuel tank was in yellow (Suzuki colour code 163, Aspen Yellow ! ), it had a black stripe following the outer shape of the tank and had Suzuki badges screwed on top of the stripe. The tank cap was a steel twist type with a breather pipe. The wheels had aluminium alloy rims with a 300x21 knobbly tyre on the front and a 400x18 fitted to the rear. The total weight of the bike was a very competitive 220 lbs dry.

Suzuki 1972 More Suzuki models from 1972
1972 Suzuki year code: J
-72 '72 TM250J TM-250 J sales brochure
1972 TM-250J sales brochure. Click to enlarge.

1972 TM-250 J & TM-400 J brochure 1972 TM 250 magazine ad
1972 TM-250 and TM-400 brochure page and a 1972 TM-250 magazine ad. Click to enlarge.

TM250K (1973)

Very similar to the ’72 model the K had the following changes. New type clutch cover with a rack and pinion type clutch operation, although the magneto and sprocket covers were still the same. The folding footrests were now the later type cast steel. Rear suspension units and swinging arm were the same as the predecessor. The fuel tank had Suzuki stickers instead of badges and a blue/white stripe went round the back of the tank where the letters TM appeared.

Suzuki 1973 More Suzuki models from 1973
1973 Suzuki year code: K
-73 '73 TM250K TM-250 K sales brochure
1973 TM-250K sales brochure. Click to enlarge.

TM125, TM-250, TM-400TM125, TM-250, TM-400

1973 magazine ad: TM-125, TM-250, TM-400. Two pages. Click to enlarge.

TM125, TM250, TM400 '73TM125, TM250, TM400 '73TM125, TM250, TM400 '73

1973 USA full line catalog pages: TM-125, TM-250, TM-400 (three pages). Click to enlarge. This scan was sent to me by Gilles Nault, Canada. Here's more scans from the same catalog.

TM250L (1974)

Much the same as the ‘72/’73 models the L had these few differences. Straight type finning in the cylinder head. Smaller type magneto cover and a sprocket cover peppered with seven holes to clear mud easier.

A rear silencer was now fitted to the exhaust to lower the decibels. Front forks, suspension units and swinging arm were all uprated. The rear mudguard now bolted on to the rear frame loop. The fuel tank now had dark green/white stipes that did a U round the rear of the tank.

Suzuki 1974 More Suzuki models from 1974
1974 Suzuki year code: L
1974 '74 -74 TM250L TM-250 L sales brochure
1974 TM-250L sales brochure. Click to enlarge.

1974 TM motocross lineup1974 TM motocross lineup

1974 magazine ad: TM motocross lineup, two pages. Click to enlarge.

TM250M (1975)

Just a few changes over the previous models for the M model. The gearbox had some gears with different ratios. Suspension units were again different. The fuel tank was all yellow with the Suzuki logo written over a rising sun type design.

Suzuki 1975 More Suzuki models from 1975
1975 Suzuki year code: M

'75 -75 TM 100 125 250 400 TM-100, TM125, TM-250, TM-400TM-100, TM125, TM-250, TM-400

1975 magazine ad: TM-100, TM125, TM-250, TM-400 (two pages). Click to enlarge.

Pictures from 1975 TM-250 owner's manual. Click to enlarge.

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