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Diamond Free pictures
SJK DF1 1953—1954

Joe Broussard from USA visited Honda museum in Motegi, Japan, earlier this year and took some pictures of a Suzuki DH1 they had displayed. Joe was kind enough to send some of the pictures to me for publishing on this site.

DF1 Diamond Free

Diamond Free. Click to enlarge. This motorized bicycle from Suzuki was a huge success in Japan by the time it was sold, from 1953 to 1954. A new law had made it possible for anyone to ride a motorbike without a driver's license, up to 60cc (2-stroke) or 90cc (4-stroke) piston displacement. Suzuki's first product was a 36cc 2-stroke (Power Free) that was quicly revisited after the new law in 1953; the 60cc Diamond Free was born. Photo: Joe Broussard

DF1 Diamond Free

Diamond Free. Click to enlarge. A closer look at the engine. The Diamond Free had two speeds and used the same chain could be used when riding the bike without the engine running. A freewheel made it possible to use the pedals when needed but even as normal footpegs. Photo: Joe Broussard

DF1 Diamond Free

Diamond Free. Click to enlarge. The photographer, Joe Broussard, owns a DF1 himself, as well as many other Suzuki motorcycles. He says that bought his Diamond Free engine from Bud Ekins who did the stunts for Steve McQueen's movie The Great Escape.
the frame for the DF1 I bought from Graham Ware, a New Zealander living in Tokyo.
He was also able to find many of the parts such as the gas tank, carburetor and other items Joe needed. For the time his Diamond Free is 90% complete, I hope to be able to show pictures of his bike here on my site after he has found all the parts needed. Photo: Joe Broussard

DF-1 Mini Free

DF-1 Mini FreeDF-1 Mini Free

Another Diamond Free, spotted on the Japanese Yahoo Auction site in January 2006. Click to enlarge. Who spotted it? Joe Broussard of course. He really has an ability to find pictures of these rare and charming bikes.

Suzuki Diamond Free Diamond-Free Diemondfree '53 -53DF1 Diamond Free 1953

Engine type: Air-cooled 58 cc 2-stroke. 2 hp/ 4.000 rpm. Two speeds.

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