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Suzuki GT50 Drag Racing in Suriname

Guido Samson from Suriname mailed be a bunch of pictures of his hobby, racing with his GT50. Do like Guido, send pictures and the story of your bike to me. Here's more info. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the end of this page!

Suzuki GT-50 race pictures, Suriname

Pit lane. Not as glamorous as on the Formel 1 circuits but much more relaxed and fun!

Suzuki GT-50 race pictures, Suriname

On the strip. One of Racing Team Benie's bikes (number 7) leading the battle.

Suzuki GT-50 race pictures, Suriname

Wild horses have to be tamed sometimes.

Suzuki GT-50 race pictures, Suriname

The humble race driver recieves his price.

Suzuki GT-50 race pictures, Suriname

The winner takes it all
... Not nearly as humble.
Drag Racing with the GT50

Owner: Guido Samson, Suriname

Comments: ”Here is Suriname we modify the bikes for 400 meter drag racing. We reach times of 15 seconds flat on the track. The Suzuki GT50 is the most popular bike for the race and the most popular team is Racing Team Benie's.

Benie's have two bikes, the nr 6 and 7 (see the pictures). The #6 is sponsored by Big John's Batties. Following modifications have been made to the bike:

51mm bore
28 mm flatslide carb
Polini reeds
home build exhaust pipe
pvl ignition
16 inch alloy wheels
sprocket set 13/36

The cylinder is a tuned standard cylinder but with a bore of 51mm. The cylinder head is freased by ourselves. I will mail you the pics of the bikes so you can put them on your site.

We also use RM125, KX, YZ ignitions, whatever we can build to fit on the bike.”

Guido Samson, Suriname
Racing Team Benie's

I have asked Guido to tell us more about the pictures. I hope he will give us something.

Here's more Suzuki GT info.
Here's more pictures of Guido's GT50.

Updated: August 7, 2003

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