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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!

'78 GS-1000E GS-1000 E GS 1000 E

Here's more Suzuki GS1000E info.
1979 Suzuki GS1000E

Owner: Mika Laiho,
Turku, Finland

Comments: ”I have a '78 GS1000E Yankee bike. I bought it last year and this is the first summer I'm riding with it. It has 14,000 miles on the meter and it still works supremely!

The bike is all original. This summer I need change the front tyre, the rear
tyre is still OK.

Well, if you find this kind bike and plan to buy it, take care because the feelings when you ride it is something total different as with newer bikes. You know it after the first test ride.”
'98 Bandit 1200N GSF 1200 N

'98 Bandit 1200N GSF 1200 N

Rob mailed these pictures and the text for me in October 2004. Unfortunately he had used my old e-mail address, that I stopped using after a while because of the enormous flow of spam mail I was receiving. It became too big s problem. I found the e-mail now, a couple of years later, after a hard disk crash and loosing all my e-mail correspondence. The messages sent to the old e-mail account were still left on the server and I could fetch them. 99% of the messages were spam mail but there were a couple of interesting messages a swell, like this one.

Here's more Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit info.
1998 Suzuki GSF1200N Bandit

Owner: RoB Sap,
Culemborg, The Netherlands

Comments (written in 22th of October 2004): ”Back on Suzuki. I have a Bandit 12 N, send some pics for this website a long time ago, found that my old GSX750 is also still
there, great.

I bought a 28 year old Guzzi Le Mans two years ago, still enjoy that
bike very much (it's a 1000 cc now) but it's not for every day!

On the Bandit (23,000 km on the meter), some changes have been
made. It has got a Venom race slip-on and is dyno-jetted. Changes on the front side are WP progressive springs (the rear spring is also WP), steel braided brake lines and an almost flat aluminum (alloy?) super bike handlebar in Blue. The seat has
been beautifully rebuilt by the former owner and the position is a bit lower than stock, which allows high-speed cruising without a windscreen!

I know you have a small screen on the GSX1400 but in my opinion it doesn't look very exciting so I don't want a screen.

The altered position on the bike is perfect. The tail is cut off, and the
license plate is fitted to a system that is easily and very rapid tugged away under the seat (if necessary) by a spring. The system is operated by the the main headlight switch, which I really miss so it will be changed to a normal plate pretty soon, but it is a great gadget!

There were no indicator lights fitted. For every day use, I fitted small aftermarket indicators with clear lenses.

Altogether it is a lovely bike, great handling.

I don't know if I will replace the Nissin brakes for modern 6-caliper ones.”
'04 GSX-1400 GSX 1400 GSX1400

This one was also mailed to me back in 2004 (see the explanation above). Enar wrecked his '03 GSX1400 in a low-speed road accident back in June 2004. You can see the result of the accident here. Enar left arm was fractured as a result of the accident but I believe he is fine now.

2004 Suzuki GSX1400

Owner: Enar Gustavsson,
Alingsås, Sweden

Comments (written in 7th of July 2004): ”I got my new GSX1400 today. My wife rode it home from the bike shop in Skövde. Now it's getting a wax and Tectyl treatment in the garage. A package holder and a Scottoiler will also be mounted.

It goes a bit slow, I can only use one of my arms.”

Here's more Suzuki GSX1400 info.

Here's more Visitors' GSX1400 pictures with comments.

'85 GV1200GLF GV 1400 GLF GV-1400

'85 Madura GV 1400 GLF GV-1400

”The first picture is after getting the bike home and cleaning it up a bit last autumn. The second picture is from April 2006, right after I painter her.” Wayne tells us.

1985 GV1200GL Madura

Owner: Wayne Barron,
Charleston, SC, USA

Comments: ”I found my Madura V-1200 in August '04 on a backyard where it had been for ten years. After a couple weeks of fumbling around with it I found the Suzuki Madura Riders Forum on Delphi. Thanks to the guys there and the information on the Suzuki Madura webpage.

I was able to get her going and legal by March '05. She had 22,801 miles on the odometer then. Now it's 33,000 and counting.

This bike has more power and torque than most will believe. I would not trade my Madura for any other bike.

When I removed the air filter foll grown Palmetto bugs came out of the intake! I pulled the spark plugs, shot WD40 into each cylinder and let it sit overnight. When I jumped the starter the next day the motor turned over. It didn't stove up after sitting out in the weather for ten years! The second picture is from this past April ('06) right after I painted her.”

Here's more Suzuki Madura info.

'98 Bandit 1200N GSF 1200 N'98 Bandit 1200N GSF 1200 N

'98 Bandit 1200N GSF 1200 N

'96 Bandit 600S GSF 600 S
'96 Bandit 600S GSF 600 S
1998 Suzuki GSF1200N Bandit
1996 Suzuki GSF600S Bandit

Owner: RoB Sap,
Culemborg, The Netherlands

Comments: ”Good to see the Bandit on the website. It is still running great.

The venom silencer is replaced by a Laser Duo-Tone, performs much better. A rear hugger is mounted above the rear wheel and a pair of crash balls have been mounted. They did an exellent job, I had a little fall about a year ago and the only damage was.... the crashballs. And my collarbone, but that is healed completely now.

I use the Bandit for long trips quite often, for example to England. I install a fly screen for those trips.

The fuel consuption of my 1200 is quite bad, I think. It runs about 12—13 km on one liter.

The red-haired woman sitting on the Bandit is my beautiful girlfriend Laura. She has her own Bandit, a 600cc '96, more or less stock bike. The only mods are the mounting of an alloy Superbike handlebar and a set of crash balls.

The bike was imported from Germany and there it was called 'the Speer' by the former owner. We still use that name for the B6. She has owned it about 18 months and she's very happy with this Suzuki. It had some problems with the electrical circuit but that's solved some time ago.”

The B12 is the same bike that can be seen on this same page. It took me almost two years to publish the pictures... When Rob found out that they were finally posted here, he mailed these new pictures and comments to me.

Here's more Suzuki Bandit info.
B 200 B-200

I have tried to find pictures of Suzuki B200, with no luck. I did find a couple of half-decent pictures of the SB200. It looks a lot like this bike, apart from the luggage carrier, saddle and the fuel tank. Do you, my dear readers, have any pictures of the B200 to send? Is this even a B200 or is it a SB200? What's the difference? Please .

198? Suzuki B200

Owner: Craig Charter,
? ? ?

Comments: ”About two year back I purchased an old Suzuki delivery bike (B200) and have just completed the restoration of it. However, I am missing the stickers or decals that are found on the oil/battery cover plates. I have tried the local dealers, but have had no success with them.

I am now just looking for a picture of the bike so that i can duplicate and get stickers custom made. Do you by any chances know if the bike is named anything else or where I can find a photo of the bike.

Attached is a photo prior to the restoration, hopefully it helps...”

Here's more Suzuki B series info. Unfortunately there's not much to read yet; and nothing of the B200...

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Updated: August 28, 2006

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