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Pictures of visitors' Suzuki motorcycles
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Here are some pictures of Suzuki motorcycles visitors of My Suzuki Pages have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the bottom of this page!

1985 Suzuki GS700ES

1985 Suzuki GS700ES

1985 Suzuki GS700ES
1985 Suzuki GS 700 ES

Owner: Kurt Gretzinger,
Plant City, FL, USA

Purchased: autumn 2001

Comments: ”The GS700ES was only made one year for the US. This picture was taken by the previous owner. I bought it six months ago. It has 49,000 miles on it now.
The first two photos are pictures I took of my 700 after purchase. After I took them I have painted it gunmetal gray.

I've also added "Mag" headers and Muffler 4-2-1 exhaust. I also replaced the stock coil with an Accel high performance coil and wires. I also replaced the stock air filter with K&N racing filter.

The GS700ES is very fast and the weight is low on the ground. I plan on attaching a universal racing fairing soon.”

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Suzuki GS850GLZ
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1982 Suzuki GS 850 GLZ

Owner: Mitchel Mote, Indiana USA

Purchased: March 2000.
Total mileage: 40,000 miles
Personal mileage 14,000 miles

Comments: ”A wonderful cruiser. Comfortable, quiet and amazingly fast for its 560 pound dry weight. The handling is neutral and once you learn to trust it, it will carry you easily through tight turns. Equally capable in-town and on the highway. I get 40-45 mpg in town. Last year's trip to Milwaukee in early august found me getting 53 mpg on the highway. I've made four 1,000+ mile trips on it and countless several hundred mile trips.

It's a powerful bike, with styling that still looks good after nearly 20 years. Minimal maintenance needs beyond the oil changes and sparkplugs, tho' I did have to replace the stator and regulator - common problem but easily and fairly cheaply solved thanks to Electrex, USA. It's still in good shape after 40K, but I'm considering a paint job this spring as I've never liked the original burgundy. They call it that, but without a great polish job every week, it always looks BROWN.
Suzuki GS850GLZ

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1967 Suzuki T200 Invader

Owner: Alan Stephenson, UK

Purchased: new in 1967

Comments: ”I really wanted a super six but could only manage an Invader (name given to it in England). I have a friend where I work who bought a GSX1400 last year, he just drools over it. I am giving serious thought to buying a GS model of some description from the 70's to restore, maybe a GS750 or GS550. In my younger days I also had a K10P and a B100P before graduating to the T200.”
Suzuki TM-400 R
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1971 Suzuki TM400R Cyclone

Owner: Scott Andersen, Texas USA

Purchased: 1975

Comments: ”Most folks consider this bike to be the worst motocross bike ever built, but I disagree. The TM400 I'm riding in the picture has been in my family since 1975. My father rode it for years, just trail riding in the desert with the rest of the family. I'm presently racing it in the AHRMA Sportsman 500 Expert class.

The bike actually has a cool history before we owned it. Originally it belonged to Richard Thorwaldson, a Pro Motocrosser from the 70's of considerable note here in the United States —Suzuki factory racer from '71 until '74 I think. Anyway, the bike was one of three that Suzuki sold him for $1.00 each in '71. One he raced, one he used for practice, and the third mostly sat, but received all the nice engine modifications along the way. My bike is the third bike.

TM400's are know as widow makers, mainly due to their lightswitch powerbands. Thorwaldson was an expert at fixing the problems with the engine. It has a TS250 ignition, a TS400 crankshaft, a ported TS400 cylinder, and an extra heavy flywheel. Otherwise the bike is stock. It really runs and pulls great. When I get lazy, I can drive it around the whole track in third gear the low end torque is so nice.

The bike's biggest downfall is its handling. It's not terrible, but it is a lot of work getting around the track. Compared with a moto on my '74 TM250L, the old 400R really wears me out!”
Suzuki T500J

Suzuki T500J

Click here for a rear view of JR's T500J.
1972 Suzuki T-500 J Titan

Owner: JR, Köln (Cologne) Germany

Day of register: 1971 December 15

Comments: ”This motorcycle came over the dealer Louis, Germany, from the USA to Germany. At this time, they brought just a couple of them to Germany.

The motorcycle is in 100% original condition! You see a very rare model, which you will never find again, except the one from the other owner in German, that looks the same! I own one of the two that's left. Next year it will be condition 1+.

In 1971 you had still the possibility to choose between to extras on the T 500J: a) double or single backlight and b) small or big chrome emblem on the side cover. I have the big chrome also.”

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Suzuki T500J

Suzuki T500J
1972 Suzuki T-500 J Titan

Owner: Michael R. Dobbs, New York USA

Purchased: 2002

Comments: ”Here's a couple of pictures of my 1972 Titan. This is the third Titan I've owned and I restored it over last summer.

I'm an ex-British patriot now living in upstate New York. My first Titan was a '68 that I bought of a Dutch teacher near my home town of Manchester, UK. It was so reliable and fast that when I immigrated to the USA in 1975 I bought a '74 Titan a couple of years later. The only reason I sold that one was to get the $$$ to open up a business.

Now 27 years later, I found another one that needed some TLC. Some clean gas, a new battery, full choke and it fired up on the first kick! I can see why this model was so popular and was produced for so long.”

TLC = tender loving care

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Updated: March 28, 2002

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