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Pictures of visitors' (non-Suzuki) motorcycles
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Here's some pictures of motorcycles (non-Suzuki) the visitors have sent me. Send a picture of your bike here. Use JPEG format. Please tell us your name, hometown and country, purchase date and your personal comments of your Suzuki. Don't forget to tell the model name and model year of your bike.

Click on the images to view them in a larger format. There's more links to visitors' motorcycles at the end of this page!

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Norton Commando 850 Interstate
1975 Norton 850 ES Commando

Owner: Neston Elyn, Brugge Belgium
Comments: ”The Norton is a 850 ES Commando Interstate I owned for about 25 years, I still regret that I sold it.”
Norton Commando 850 Roadster
1975 Norton 850 ES Commando

Owner: Neston Elyn, Brugge Belgium
Comments: ”This is the same bike
but in Roadster outfit, what means a smaller petrol tank, side panels and seat.”

Triump Bonneville / Norton Commando
2000 Triumph Bonneville

Owner: Neston Elyn, Brugge Belgium

Comments: ”The Triumph is a new Bonneville 800cc, it is a reliable classic looking modern bike but which can not help me to forget the bike I am still missing: the Norton...”

'83 Moto Martin Honda Suzuki
1983 Moto-Martin / Honda CBX

Owner: Nichlas Carr,
Eskilstuna, Sweden

Comments: ”The bike is an old dream of mine, a French Moto-Martin -83, equipped with a lovely, newly rebuilt Honda CBX inline-6 engine. I plan to put it on the road this summer :D
I have made some progress in working with the bike since the pictures were taken. I plan to fit the 41mm Suzuki fork with ISR 6-piston calipers, but I've got a problem here; I don't know what Suzuki model the fork comes from. It looks like an early GSX-R1100 but I'm not sure. Tube is 41 mm. Marking on each leg says : X 7091 R, X 7091 L. Any help in identification of the forks, even guesses, would be highly appreciated!”

Here's another picture of the bike.
'75 Honda GL-1000 Gold Wing

'96 Honda Pacific-Coast
1975 Honda GL1000 GoldWing

1996 Honda Pacific Coast

Owner: Tim Woodsome, Springfield Missouri USA

Tim is a Suzuki T500 Titan fan, he bought his first Titan back in 1975 and presently owns three of them. You can read more of Tim's Suzuki bikes on the Visitors' Suzuki pages very soon.

Comments: ”I have also enjoyed a host of other bikes and am presently riding a '96 Honda Pacific Coast. Nice bike but I miss the two-stroke raciness of the motor. I have a '75 Honda GL1000 that I rescued last year. It was all bogged down with bags and faring and in need of attention. It is now is naked and beautiful but it needs a new home. I have a '74 Honda CT-90 Trail bike in good shape.

But if I could go down and buy a brand new 1975 Titan tomorrow, I would be first in line. That bike was the best!”

Here's Tim's Suzuki bike pictures.
And here...
Kawasaki Z 1300 '81
1981 Kawasaki Z1300

Owner: Bruce Clifford,
Queensland, Australia

Comments: ”1997 I purchased a '81 Kawasaki Z1300 fitted with Krauser panniers, 6 into 1 exhaust and tow bar. Nice bike with power to burn, but too heavy when touring two up so in 1998 i bought a '84 Suzuki GS1100GKE. It had been repainted, rechromed, and fitted a stainless steel exhaust and towbar.”

Here's some of the Suzukis Bruce has owned.
Kawasaki Z 1300 '81
1983 Yamaha XJ400

Owner: Lars Rehn, Malung Sweden

Comments: ”I bought this Yamaha XJ 400 from a female acquianted of mine. She had owned the bike for two years but ridden only a couple of hundred miles with it. I owned it for five years and nursed it like a baby. Then the father of the previous owner bought the Yamaha. He was living in Norway. He paid me exactly as much as I had paid for the bike five ears earlier, 10,000 Swedish Crowns. He was forced to pay about the same amount of money to the Norwegian customs before he could take it to Norway.”

Here's some Suzukis Lars has owned.

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Updated: August 29, 2006

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