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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

One of the most common questions people ask me by e-mail is about solving technical or electrical problems with their bike. Please don't send me mail before you have read the contest of this page. I get more e-mail than I can handle. I'm afraid I can't help you anyway but here follows some information that can be helpful. I'm not a skillfull mechanics myself, although some of you readers have got the impression that I can solve all of your bike problems. I can't.

What is wrong with my Suzuki?

I am not the right person answering these kind of questions. I'm afraid you have to turn to someone else.

The most obvious place to ask questions concerning mechanical or electrical problems with your bike would be your local Suzuki shop or some other skillful mechanics nearby where you live. There are a couple wiring diagrams (electric schemes) on my site, you can find them on the pages concerning that specific model, there's a couple of links even on the FAQ (manuals) page. You can use the search engine on the bottom of each page to find your way.

You can also try joining the My Suzuki discussion group and posting your question there. Maybe some of the members can help you. Remember also to offer help for those who need it, the discussion group doesn't work if everybody just requires help and never answers to other people's questions.

Use the repair manual, if there is one available for your Suzuki model. You can find info of Suzuki manuals on a separate page. Here's a direct link.

Good luck!

Suzuki Gs 750 [1976-1979] and Gs 550 [1977-1982] Owners Workshop Manual  Mansur Darlington, Rik Paul Suzuki Gs/Gsx 250, 400 & 450 Twins 1979-1985 Owners Workshop Manual249Cc-399Cc-448Cc  Curt Choate Clymer Suzuki : GSX-R750 1988-1992 & Gsx750F Katana 1988-1996 (Clymer Motorcyle Repair Series)  Suzuki 125-400Cc Singles, 1964-1981 : Service, Repair, Performance (M369)  David Sales

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