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1969 Suzuki T500 Cobra

Pictures of Suzuki T 500 Cobra, sent by Lars Sellbom, Sweden, with comments.
Do like Lars — send pictures and the story of your Suzuki to be published here! Send JPEG's and comments to me.

Here's pictures of the T-500 restoring project.

Suzuki T500 T-500 T 500 '69 -69 1969 T-500II T500-21969 T500-II Cobra
Owner: Lars Sellbom
Country: Sweden
New: 1969 frame no 14271.
Purchased: February 2002.

Comments: ”I found the engine in parts on a garage floor in February 2002. One piston, barrel and rod were completely destroyed. The rest had been stored outdoors under a balcony since 1982, however the rust had not done very much damage to it. It seemed relatively complete so I paid the owner 100$ for all of it.
A process of work and part finding followed, in a project like this you always need more money and time than expected.
With a good deal of help from my brother, I could, three months later, make the first careful ride with it. What a thrill!”

Suzuki T500 T-500 T 500 '69 -69 1969 T-500II T500-2”I find the Cobra very sophisticated for its time, with separate oil injection, 5 speeds and an extremely good quality in details. It is also very easy to start, just a light touch is needed to make it running. Riding the Cobra is very easy, it reminds of riding a overgrown moped.”
Suzuki T500 T-500 T 500 '69 -69 1969 T-500II T500-2”The engine sound is very quiet and smooth (I made a re-bore and fitted new pistons), almost like a whisper at idle. At full throttle the sound is transformed to an enormous roar which will give the vehicle attention on any street.
The condition of my bike is good but not excellent. It is almost original and that is most important to me (the not-in-mint-condition also makes it easier for me to use it on daily bases).”
Suzuki T500 T-500 T 500 '69 -69 1969 T-500II T500-2Further plans: ”I'd like to find a better rubber hose for the air cleaner, an original Cobra tachometer and a few other minor things. If you have parts lying around, please mail me at lars.sellbom@telia.com.”

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