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Mini Free pictures
SJK MF1 1954—1958

Joe Broussard from USA was kind enough to tell me about pictures of these SJK MF-1 that he spotted on the Japanese Yahoo Auctions website. Unfortunately I don't know anything else about these particular bikes but here's the pictures for you!

DF1 Mini Free

Mini Free, photographed in May 2004. Click to enlarge. This motorized bicycle from Suzuki was the last of the three cyclemotors SJK (Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo) introduced in the fifties. The Mini Free (MF1) was introduced in 1954 and it was a 50cc moped, being sold as a complete machine, as well as a engine kit to hang on your bike like the Power Free or the Diamond Free. Placing the engine under the frame for lower weight point improved the handling. The Mini Free won popularity, it became the best selling cyclemotor. Suzuki was producing 6,000 motorcycles per month in 1954 and changed its name to Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd in June 1954.

DF1 Mini Free

A closer look at the engine. Click to enlarge. The carburetor looks to be incorrect, but not many of those around? Mini Free was still very cyclemotor-like in appearance, having a conventional bicycle frame. The engine was mounted ahead of the bottom bracket and a V-belt from the engine drove a pulley clipped to the spokes of the rear wheel.

DF1 Mini Free

The Fuel tank. Click to enlarge. The Mini Free (the latest model called MF5) continued in production until 1959 and a more conventional moped, the "Suzumoped" replaced it.

DF-1 Mini Free

Another Mini Free, spotted on the Japanese Yahoo Auction site in May 2006. Click to enlarge. The person who was selling this rarity announced that although the engine wasn't running, the crank was turning and there's spark on the plug. The fly wheel cover was missing, the tyres flat and most of the bike, obviously, quite rusty; but the inside of the fuel tank was clean.

DF-1 Mini FreeDF-1 Mini Free

Two more pictures of the same bike . Click to enlarge. It's hard to identify the model year for these early SJK/Suzukis. Different frames were used and details vary between individual bikes. The changes are pretty good that some of the original parts have been replaced or have disappeared after decades of use, although this one seems to be pretty stock. Note the speedometer and the headlight on the right picture - quite charming, aren't they? My guess is that the saddle comes from another bike but that doesn't surprise anyone. After all, these bikes were meant to be used at daily bases and most of them probably were. They haven't always been rarities.
If somebody can tell what year this bike was made, please tell us all! You can find my e-mail address on the mail page.

Mini-Free parts catalog

The cover of a Mini Free parts catalog. Click to enlarge.
Sent to me by Joe Broussard.

A magazine advert, published in a Japanese Motorcycle magazine, January 1955. Found on a Japanese website.
The advert says following things: ”Original, Functional beauty, Wonderful, Performance, Ability, Be proud. The dream of the motorcycle world came true. Gentleman, Commuter, Student.” Sounds like a dream come true... Perhaps it was, large parts of Japan was in ruins after the war and 120 million Japanese needed a cheap ways of transportation.

Mini-Free parts catalog

SJK Mini Free Minifree Mini-FreeSJK Mini Free MF1 1954
An early moped with a 50 cc two-stroke engine and belt drive. Three speeds. The SJK on the engine and the gas tank stood for Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo.
Engine: Air-Cooled 50cc single cylinder two-stroke, 1.8 hp/ 4,500 rpm.

Click the image for larger format.

SJK MF-1SJK Mini Free MF1 1954
Bore/Stroke: 38/44mm
Compression ratio 7:1
Ignition: Flywheel magnet
Clutch: Dry/Multi type
Engine weight: 6 kg (13.2 lbs)
Transmission: 3 speeds
Fuel tank capacity: 7 liter (1.8 gal.)
Lubrication: Wet sump
Tyre size: 24-2.75(F) 24-2.75(R)
Fuel consumption: 70 km/liter
Max Speed: 45 kph

Click the image for larger format.

Here's another picture of the MF1.
Click the image for larger format.
Suzuki Mini Free MF3 1958
Do you know anything about this or other MF models? I have only some specs for the MF1. Do you have a better picture?

Click the image for larger format.

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