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Ryan's Suzuki K11 Sport 80

Pictures of a K 11 (Sport 80) renovation object, sent by Ryan Taylor, South Africa, with comments. Do like Ryan — send pictures and the story of your Suzuki to be published here! Send JPEG's and comments to me.

Suzuki K11 Sport 801964 Suzuki K11 Sport 80
Owner: Ryan Taylor, Cape Town South Africa
Comments: ”I own a Suzuki K11 Sport 80 that my dad found on a farm where it hadn't been used since new. It was in pretty bad shape but it only had 1 mile on the clock. We did quite a bit of work on it as the big end was seized. I now use it every day to go to school and back, its a really nice bike to ride.”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”Here are a few pictures of my bike in as found condition. Although it looks much better now, it still needs a lot of work to be done to it before I can say that it is restored.
Unfortunately the master picture wasn't very good quality but you can just make out the 1 mile on the clock.
Notice the mixing ratio sticker, that's original! I made a copy of it and printed it on sticker paper so I could save the original.”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”This is 20% of the original size that I scanned it, if anyone is looking for a copy just refer them to me and I can send them the large version witch looks just as good as the original. ”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”A sticker on the wiring of my bike said 1964. The fuel and oil has to be pre-mixed unlike the later posi-lube engines. My bike has a sticker just below the brake light that only appeared on early pre-mix models.”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”If anyone is looking for info on small Suzuki bikes then refer them to me as I have wiring diagrams and other info for Suzuki M12, M15, M15 D, M30 Suzy scooterette, K10 and K11 machines. This info is in a book I have called The Book of Suzuki (1967) It has helped me enormously with getting my bike going. ”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”It looks a lot better in these pictures but still far from restored. Most of it is complete except for a few things like the left side cover which was missing and the carburettor cover. I was able to use a side cover from a B120.”

Suzuki K11 Sport 80”The other day my bike just wouldn't go, my father helped me to trace the fault to the electrical system. We found that the condenser had died so we proceeded to try and find a replacement. Parts for these bikes are impossible to find in Cape Town but luckily we were able to use a condenser from a car and just modify it slightly. I know that there are parts available overseas but they would cost me a fortune with the weak value of the Rand to the Dollar and Pound.”

Blue figures are the data of model K11

Type: Air-cooled, 2-stroke, single cylinder
Bore and stroke: 41mm x 38mm (45 x 50)
Displacement: 50cc (79)
Compression ratio: 6.7
Lubrication: Petrol : oil 20:1
Carburettor: VM 15 SC (VM 17 SC)
Starting system: Kick
Max. output: 4.5 hp/8000rpm (7.3/7,000)
Max. speed: 85 km/h (53.2 mph) (95 km/h 59.5 mph)
Max. torque: 0.42 kgm/7,000 rpm (0.75/6,000)
Climbing ability: 14 30 (16)
Fuel consumption: 65 km/litre (153 miles/US gallon)
Type: 4-speed foot operated with constant-mesh Return change type
Primary ratio: Gear 4.40 (3.84)
Secondary ratio: Chain 2.46 (2.31)
Clutch: Multiple wet disk
Length: 1,815 mm (1,830)
Width: 613 mm
Height: 930 mm
Wheelbase: 1,160 mm
Ground clearance: 130 mm (135)
Dry weight: 60 kg (132.3 lbs) (70)
Frame: Pressed steel, back-bone type
Front brake type: Internal expanding hand brake
Rear brake type: Internal expanding foot brake
Tires: 2.25 17 4PR (2.50)
Front suspension: Telescopic oil damper
Rear suspension: Pivot swing oil damper
Fuel tank capacity: 6 liter (1.6 US gallon) (6.5)

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