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Suzuki GSX750 Lowrider

Suzuki GSX750

Suzuki GSX750

This nice bike, built with Suzuki GSX750 engine, I found at www.redneckcycles.co.uk. The girl is very sweet, too. Take a look at the builders site for more info.

GSX750 Lowrider - 'Under Pressure'

Engine: Suzuki GSX750
Engine Mods: Dynojetted carbs, forced induction system! Dyna-S electronic ignition
Frame: Rednecks hardtail, powder coated alloy finish
Front End: ZZR600 forks, yokes & clip-ons, GSXR Tacho
Rear End: n/a
Wheels/Brakes: ZZR600 front & rear, Goodrige lines
Tank/Bodywork: Mustang tank fitted with flush filler and built in air intakes for the induction system, steel rear fender and electrics box, ZZR front
Seat: Rednecks single seat
Lights: Car spots modded to take twin filament halogen bulbs front and one-off rear built into fender.
Exhaust: One-off 4:2
Paint: VW orange
Misc: 'Induction system' is two air scoops on the sides of the tank feeding a cylindrical air box via two lengths of vacuum hose - works surprisingly well for an experiment! Won several 'Best in show' and 'Best Engineering' awards.

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