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Suzuki GSX750S Katana brochures & adverts

I have put some Suzuki GSX750S Katana brochures and adverts on this page.
Please send me more stuff to put here. I want brochures from all over the world!

Suzuki 1982More Suzuki models from 1982

1982 Suzuki year code: Z
GSX750S KatanaGSX750S Katana

GSX750S KatanaGSX750S Katana

GSX750S KatanaGSX750S Katana

GSX750S KatanaGSX750S Katana

GSX750S KatanaGSX750S Katana

1982 GSX750S Katana sales brochure from Japan, ten pages. Click to enlarge.

Here's even larger scan of the specifications on the last page.

GSX750S - GSX1100S Katana advertGSX750S - GSX1100S Katana advert

1982 Katana S-series advert from Germany, two pages (MO 11/81). Click to enlarge.

Suzuki 1983More Suzuki models from 1983
1983 Suzuki year code: D
GSX750S advert

1983 GSX750S Katana magazine ad from Germany (Motorrad 7/1983). Click to enlarge.

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The German advert scans provided by Michael B, courtesy of www.gs-classic.de

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