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Suzuki GSX1400 pictures, May 2002

Here's some pictures I took during the 24 hours I owned the motorcycle. Here's my first thoughts of the brand new bike and why I choose to buy it. Here's a page about the initial (1 000km / 600 miles) service. Here's a page about the first ride after winter.

Here's some pictures of my own GSX1400 in and around Hälleforsnäs. I took my camera with me on a beautiful day in May and took a couple of pictures om my bike.

My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400
My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400My Suzuki GSX1400

My Suzuki GSX1400

The white building that appears on some of the pictures is the old horse stable at the Yxtaholm castle near Flen. Click on the images for larger format.
All photos on this page © Jarmo Haapamäki.

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