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Suzuki Falcorustyco concept bike
shown at Tokyo Motor Show 1985

Suzuki Falcorustyco

Suzuki's concept bike Falcorustyco was not missed by many of the visitors of the 1.2 million motorcycle enthusiasts that visited the Tokyo Motor Show in November 1985. The concept bike (a one of a kind experimental model, not for sale) surely looked different, and had some interesting technical solutions as well.

Although the Falcorustyco was the designers high-tech dream bike, Suzuki had intentions to make a concept bike that was not impossible to put into serial production within a few years.

The Falcorustyco had no frame like a normal bike. The front and the rear swing arms were attached to the 500cc square four engine. Not the RG500 Gamma engine - According to Suzuki it was a new water-cooled four-stroke power plant with 16 valves and three cam shafts.

The final drive was not chain, belt or shaft, like all the other bikes. No, Suzuki chose to use hydraulic pumps that transported the movement energy to both wheels. No gear box was needed. Hydraulic hub-steer.

The brakes were electromagnet type and the suspension was maneuvered electrically.

The motorcycles journalists were convinced that the Falcorustyco (a Latin word for gyrfalcon) would be mass produced in the near future. They were partly right. A model called gyrfalcon was produced by Suzuki in 1999, the GSX1300R Hayabusa (a Japanese word for gyrfalcon), but it was a conventional motorcycle with chain drive, an inline-four with two cam shafts and conventional brakes and steering...

Naturally the Falcorustyco could have been put into mass production. The question is: how much would you pay for it? And does it even work? I have never seen it been ridden...

According to information I have found on several Japanese websites the Falcorustoco did not have a running engine and could not be actually ridden! I haven't been able to confirm this.

Suzuki Falcorustyco
Suzuki Falcorustyco
Suzuki Falcorustyco
Various pictures of the Suzuki Falcorustyco concept bike, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in early November of 1985.

Suzuki Falcorustyco Allt Om MC 1/1986Suzuki Falcorustyco Allt Om MC 1/1986

1985 Suzuki Falcorustyco magazine article (single page and the cover) from Sweden. Click to enlarge. Published in Allt Om MC 1/1986.

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Sources: Allt Om MC, Papa's Factory, P'Z etc.

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