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Welcome to a tour with Suzuki motorcycles!

Perhaps it is impossible to gather all Suzuki models together that has been built since Power Free 1952. But I wanted to give it a try.

Why Bother?
- I haven't found any similar site on the Internet anywhere. If somebody has already made a similar collection of Suzuki motorcycles, he/she has hidden it well.

How many models are there? There's hundreds, no thousands of different Suzuki models out there. Not all of them them have ended here on My Suzuki Pages yet. Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favorite model is not on my site. I can ensure you that I'm doing my very best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. My Internet bills (I use dial modem and pay for minute, there has been a few minutes...) can prove that. Please send me pictures (2000 pixels wide or more, if possible), brochures and specs. I could use some help! Here's more info.

Is the data correct? I have tried to double-check as much as possible but I'm sure there's even incorrect facts out there. Perhaps the error was already made before I picked up the data from the source, perhaps I am the one to blame. Anyway, if you find any incorrect info, don't hesitate to notify me!

Different engines? Remember, there can also be huge differences between horsepowers between different countries. For example, all 750 cc motorcycles made for Japanese home market have maximum 77 hp - even super sport bikes like GSX-R750. I have used the European or American numbers if available. Please notify me if you find some strange facts. I will correct even small errors as soon as I find out about them.

All models don't have separate pages yet and therefor can't be found at the index list at the left. Try looking for the model from the year list instead. I can't promise it's there, there's still some models missing but I'm almost there. Few more months so...

Jarmo Haapamäki
started collecting Suzuki models on one site December 18th 2001

Use the buttons at the left from this frame to navigate or use the search engine below. Enjoy the ride!

Suzuki concept-bikes
Suzuki Cyclemotors

Suzuki Jidosha Kogyo
Suzuki vintage-racing

Suzuki racing replicas

All Suzuki 1952-1969
All Suzuki 1970-1989
All Suzuki 1990-2009
All Suzuki models 2010-2021

This free site is managed by Jarmo Haapamäki.
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so you can enjoy the spirit of giving too.

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