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February 2019

Here follows the list of the new or updated stuff on my site. I try to keep this page up to date and write here every update on My Suzuki Pages that might interest you.

February 12: I have not updated this website in years, my interest has been elsewhere. I started a business, I have made music I,started a family, I bought a house – in other words: I have been busy with other things.
Now I have decided that I try to find some time to update my Suzuki website, at least more than I have done in the last few years...
I just checked my mail and found thousands of e-mails from visitors on my Suzuki website. Please don't hate me, I cannot reply to them all. I try to get through the mailbox some day but it will take some time. I won't be replying to all questions about where to find parts and such, but I try to reply to all of you who have sent me material (pictures, scans and such) that will make this website even greater. But, as I already wrote, it will take some time. Bare with me. Be patient with me. :-)

My first updates i years: TS185 Sierra magazine articles (Cycle Guide road test, 8 pages, October 1975, USA), TS185 brochure scans (1976 USA), TS185 model history (1976 TS185A), 1976 Suzuki motorcycles (TS185A, RM250A), RM250 brochure scans (1976 RM250A, Australia), RM250 model history (1976 RM250A).

February 14: Updated pages: 1967 Suzuki motorcycles (M15 Collegian), OR50 Mame-Tan sales brochure scans (1978–1980), OR50 Mame-Tan model history (1978), 1978 Suzuki motorcycles (OR50 Mame-Tan). New page: GS125E Katana brochure scans (1982 Japan, four pages)

February 15: Updated pages: MA-1 Selpet model history (1960 Selpet pictures)

Sometimes I get mail from people who complain that their favourite model is not on my site. In many cases they haven't even bothered to look properly or used the search engine. But there are still many models missing. I'm doing my best and will fill in the gaps as fast as I can. This is not my profession; I'm doing this in my spare time. I could use some help to be able to get more things done. Please send me pictures, brochures and specs or complete model histories... Anything at all that can make the site more complete. Here's more info.

One more thing: PLEASE visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages before sending me questions about your bikes, manuals etc. I would love to help you all but I haven't got enough time to do it anymore. You may find an answer to your question on the FAQ pages, check it out! Frequently Asked Questions

Jarmo Haapamäki

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Please check out the FAQ pages before asking me questions about bike identification, manuals, parts etc.

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