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Suzuki RG250 Gamma brochures

I have put some RG 250 Gamma sales brochure scans on this page. I would be grateful of any contributions — sales brochures, magazine ads, magazine articles, pictures, specs, facts, corrections etc. Please scan the material in JPEG format (large enough that all the details are visible) and send them to me. Please tell me the source and the publication date if possible. If you send me pictures of your own bike, please follow these instructions.

Suzuki 1983More Suzuki models from 1983
1983 Suzuki year code: D

Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
1983 RG250 Gamma sales brochure from Japan (eight pages). Click to enlarge.
I found these scans on a Japanese site www.gem.hi-ho.ne.jp/r1100-hase. Although the headlines are in English, all text is in Japanese, a language I wish I understood. At the last page (the first scan on this page) we can find all the Suzuki GP winners.

Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG250W '83Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG-250W -83
Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG250W '83Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG-250W -83
Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG250W '83Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG-250W -83
Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG250W '83Suzuki RG250 Gamma RG-250W -83
1983 RG250 Gamma sales brochure scans (eight pages). Click to enlarge.
Here's more brochure scans. These great looking brochure page scans were sent me by someone called Martin. He didn't tell me more of himself and I don't even know what country he lives in. Thanks, Martin! The bike behind the RG250 on the front page seems to be the RG Gamma factory racer.

Suzuki 1984More Suzuki models from 1984
1984 Suzuki year code: E
'84 RG250W Gamma sales brochure
1983 RG250 Gamma sales brochure scan (last page). Click to enlarge.
I found this scan on a Dutch Walter Wolf page. Unfortunately there was only this last page with the specifications. I hope the webmaster can/will send me the rest of the pages.

Suzuki 1985More Suzuki models from 1985
1985 Suzuki year code: F

Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
Suzuki RG250 GammaSuzuki RG250 Gamma
1985 RG250 Gamma sales brochure pages (four of them). Click to enlarge.
Gerald from Canada mailed me these scans. He had only these pages and there's at least two more pages on the original brochure. What we are missing here is most likely the front page and some large pictures of the motorcycle. If you have the whole brochure, please scan the missing pages and send them to me so we all can see them!

Suzuki RG250-Gamma, XN85 Turbo
1985 RG250W Gamma sales brochure (with XN85 Turbo) from Holland. Click to enlarge.
This brochure was kindly scanned by Erik Hobo from the Netherlands.

Suzuki 1986More Suzuki models from 1986
1986 Suzuki year code: G

Suzuki RG250W GammaSuzuki RG250W Gamma
1986 RG250W Gamma sales brochurefrom Singapore. Click to enlarge. This brochure was scanned and sent to me by Erik Hobo, the Netherlands. Printed in Japan.

Suzuki 1987More Suzuki models from 1987
1987 Suzuki year code: H

RG250 Gamma
1987 RG250 Gamma brochure page. Click to enlarge.
This scan was kindly sent to me by Gerald, Canada. The word ”seven” at the bottom of the page shows it is a page from a larger brochure, unfortunately Gerald didn't know what it is. ”Someone sent that to me in 1999. I can't remember who. Its probably the
Canadian market brochure.”

1987-1989 RG250 Gamma specifications (Japan, restricted power output)

Overall Length: 2 005 mm
Overall Height: 1 065 mm
Overall Width:
Seat Height: 740 mm
Ground Clearance:
Wheelbase: 1 320 mm
Dry Weight: 126 kg
Engine Type: 247 cc air-cooled horizontal parallel twin 2-stroke. Piston reed valve.
30 hp/ 8.000 rpm, 2.9 kg-m/ 7.000 rpm. Kick start.
Transmission: 6-speed gearbox.
Bore x Stroke: 54 x 54 mm
Compression Ratio: 6.7:1
Front Brakes: single disc
Rear Brakes: drum
Front Tyre dimension: 3.00-18
Rear Tyre dimension: 3.025-18
Price in Japan 1987: 295.000 Yen>

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Sources: Haruyama Suzuki, MCDB, Gerald, Erik Hobo, Rein-Jan Eikelboom

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