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Suzuki GS700E
Suzuki GS700ES

I have put some Suzuki GS700E and GS700ES info on this page. Please send me more stuff to put here. I want brochures and adverts from all over the world!

This page is still under construction.

The 700cc versions of the GSX750E and GSX750ES were special made for the USA market. For some reason the GSX750-series couldn't be sold in the United States in the mid-eighties unless the piston replacement was reduced to under 700cc.

A reader from USA told me this: ”I worked for a Suzuki dealer from 1983 to 1986 and from what I was told by the shop owner the import taxes were changed after 1984. Over 700cc bikes were much more expensive from that point on to import and the factories dropped the displacement from 750 to 700 to keep the bikes from being too expensive.
Willy, the shop owner, called them them »no change» models, as in $7.50 compared to $7.00.”

Another reader could tell us something more about the American-only 700cc models from 1984 to about 1987: ”The reason why president Reagan approved steep import duties was to protect Harley Davidson while they struggled out of bankruptcy. The duties applied to all import motorcycles 750cc and over. Only USA was involved, for example Canada did not have such a tariff.”

As for the other members of the four-valve GSX family, the model was called GS in USA. Therefore the models were called GS700E (the naked version) and GS700 ES (with bikini fairing).

I don't have much to tell about these models yet but here's a picture of a GS700E to start with:

Suzuki 1985More Suzuki models from 1985
1985 Suzuki year code: F

'85 GS-700 GS-700ES GS700ES
Jason Asselin's 1985 GS700ES. Click to enlarge. Here's even larger picture.

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