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1969 Tokyo Motor Show

I have put stuff about the '70 Tokyo Motor Show on this page. If you have any information of the Suzuki motorcycle models presented at this fair (brochures and magazine ads or articles would be great — on any language), please contact me .

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For starters, there's only one magazine article on this page, hopefully there will be more. The article is written in Finnish and published in Tekniikan Maailma 1 @ 1970. Suzuki models Wild Cat (100cc trial bike), T350 Tiger, T500-III Titan ad T125-II were mentioned.

Tokyo Motor Show '69Tokyo Motor Show '69

1969 Tokyo Motor show article (Tekniikan Maailma 1 @ 1970, Finland). Click to enlarge.
The 100cc trial bike Suzuki Wild Cat was only mentioned in the article. The journalist (Tapio Sunell) thought that the new Suzuki street bike models had been redesigned and the new models looked great. The new 315 cc T350 Tiger had been given a "Good Design" award bythe ministry of trade and industry (or something like that). The journalist didn't find that strange, the T350 seemed like a succesfull compromise. It had a 39 horsepower and 4 kpm engine, 6-speed tansmission and its maximum speed was over 175 kph. The bike felt even more complete than the T250. The 315 cc version of the bike had more power (7 hp) and more torque (1 kpm) but it had only 2 kg (4.4 lbs) more mass.
Tapio Sunell thought that the T500 (III) had been given a fuel tank that was even more beautiful than the previous model. Copying the old Triumph style, a bagage holder was now mounted on the top of the fuel tank.
The T125-II was nevertheless the most ”sexiest” bike of them all. A real eye-catcher, the article author thought of the Stinger. One of the most impressive bikes at the whole show. He was also glad to announce that the model was to be imported to Finland later that year.

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Sources: Tekniikan Maailma (Finland)

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